Police Release Description of Suspect In Cece Luppino Murder

Police have identified a suspect in last week’s shooting of Cece Luppino, 43, who was gunned down last Wednesday afternoon inside a house owned by his parents, Rocco and Helen Luppino.

Cece Luppino, relation to Giacomo Luppino, was murdered in the home of his parents' last week.

The Luppino name has been connected to organized crime for decades, going back to Giacomo Luppino, the Ndrangheta boss/Canadian viceroy to powerful Buffalo boss Stefano (The Undertaker) Magaddino, though Giacomo never had a successor to continue his legacy in Ontario-based organized crime.

Rocco Luppino is allegedly a major player in the mob today, as per reports.

Detectives have examined hours of surveillance video from the Luppino home and neighboring homes and have released a description of a suspect: A black man with an average/athletic build.

At the time of the killing he was wearing a black, waist-length winter coat, black pants, black boots, a black cap, and grey shirt.

Investigators believe Cece Luppino was murdered around 3:10 p.m.

Police say Luppino arrived home several minutes before the shooting. The suspect wasn’t following Luppino, but watching him from nearby. Surveillance shows the suspect hovering around for a short while before walking through a neighboring property and into the Luppino’s open garage.

After the shooting, the suspect fled and last seen running southbound on Rendell Blvd.

It is not known if the suspect had accomplices, though a dark four-door sedan was spotted in the area around the time of the incident.

Police are asking anyone who was near Bill Foley Parkette this past week who may have noticed a man matching the description to contact them at 905-546-4863.


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