Brief Note For Journalists Researching The Mafia Today

We've been doing this for a long time -- almost 10 years (and I hope to figure out what "this" is some day soon).

Rosario Gambino arrested last week in Palermo, Sicily.

We occasionally flub it, too, and we always ask people to let us know when we do. So it's truly in the spirit of cooperation that we put this brief item together.

Because we expect to see many, many more stories about the Inzerillos and Frank Cali, etc., we thought we'd offer the following to those who might be interested.

Q.) What do you call the following?

"The ties between the Inzerillo and Gambino families run deep. Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali, reported crime boss for the Gambino organization, was born in Sicily and married into the Inzerillo family. Cali fled Italy after the early 1980s Mafia war with the rival Corleone clan, The New York Post reports. After alleged mob boss Salvatore "Toto" Riina died in prison in 2017 the Inzerillo family has reportedly attempted to make a comeback in the region." -- Philly Voice story 

A.) We call it: killing two birds with one stone....  Cali was not born in Sicily.

As we wrote of him in an earlier story:

"Franky Boy," as he's known, was born in New York (in March 1965) and is as American as a slice of pizza. (If Cali speaks in any accent, it's Brooklynese.) His father, Augusto Cesare, is a native of Palermo and ran Arcobaleno Italiano Inc., a record and video store, on 18th Avenue.

Former Gambino capo Michael DiLeonardo confirmed that Cali was born here in New York.