Bonanno Soldier Shot on Luchese Family Orders

The gunman was from the Luchese
family, police suspect.
From the EXCLUSIVE: An admitted Mafia soldier survived an attempted hit on an East Harlem street that cops suspect was ordered by rival wiseguys, law-enforcement sources told The Post yesterday.

Enzo “The Baker” Stagno, 47, of Whitestone, Queens — who told cops he was a made man in the Bonnano crime family — was struck in the chest Wednesday as he made a phone call in his SUV parked at East 111th Street and First Avenue, the sources said.

Stagno suffered only a graze wound in the failed rubout.

Tensions have been mounting between the Bonanno and Luchese families, sources said.

Investigators suspect it was an assassination attempt ordered by the Luchese crime family, the sources said.

Stagno was treated at St. Luke’s Hospital and then taken to the 23rd Precinct for questioning.

At first, he denied he had mob ties, but later admitted he was a Bonanno soldier, the sources said.

“Somebody definitely tried to kill him. Somebody definitely wanted him dead,” said a law-enforcement source.

“He said he had enemies,” said another source.

Stagno was parked on East 111th Street in his 2009 GMC Yukon at about 6 p.m. when he heard a “loud bang” — and the driver-side window shattered.

He felt a “pinch” on his chest and dived into the back seat, sources said.

Another shot rang out, but it missed him, and Stagno spotted the suspect walking toward Second Avenue, the sources said.

A witness told cops he saw the shooter walk away from the scene and jump into a yellow cab.

The motive for Stagno’s shooting remained unclear last night, and the suspect was still at large.

There was no answer at Stagno’s door in Queens yesterday, and he did not return calls for comment.

Tensions have been mounting between the Bonanno and Luchese families, sources said.

The feud is linked partly to the Bonannos’ effort to rebuild their ranks by recruiting more wiseguys — possibly without consulting the other families, sources said.

The Bonannos have fallen on hard times in recent years with the arrests of bosses Joseph Massino, Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano and Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora.


  1. The Baker will have a hard time finding anyone who wants to share a cannoli with him, now that he's shown a tendency to fess up to the law. And, since the photo looks like it's more a member of the Bloods or Crips, the mention of Lucchese's could have only come from one place. Seems more like someone with a personal beef tried to "cop a sneak" and failed. There is a price for not succeeding. Look for an arrest soon.

  2. Replies
    1. Generally, all murders are within one crew. Inter-family disputes are settled through meetings that can result in a death sentence, usually carried out by the loser's own friends. From time to time, a grievance just won't be satisfied through others' intervention and compromise. The aggrieved may either accept the verdict for a long time or never make an issue of the offense, then wait a time and murder the offender without an okay and without claiming to have done it; no bragging rights. Everyone is stumped, and the dead guy's crew might even say they killed him to save face. It's a sneak attack, or "copping a sneak," and MUST be successful or the shit hits the fan and the shooter becomes the target. Read a lot more at

    2. It's also knows as "going off the record" too, isn't it Sonny? Maybe you want a guy in another family dead for stealing from a drug dealer you own -- secretly -- but don't want to go through the chain of command so you hire someone off the street. Gotta be a million examples. Besides everyone still remembers the fallout from the Colombo war of the early 1990s; I doubt we'll see what Capeci famously -- to me anyway -- called "the worst form of mob recidivism..."

  3. Anyone who "hires" someone to commit murder is a complete moron. He'd have to kill the one he hired to sleep at night, which means two hits instead of one. "Off the record" is used mostly for business deals that allow one to hide money from higher ups, but can be used to refer to unsanctioned killings.

  4. Yeah -- unless your hire is a drug addicted gangbanger who only remembers the photo of the mark...big what if though....

  5. The guy admitted to nothing,the media has.a reputation for putting words in people's mouth to make the story out's really not,typical NYC media

    1. Even if that is true, which I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, it still will plant a dangerous seed in the minds of those interacting with him. Not a fun position to be in. Hope it fades away with time.

  6. Everybody is saying it's a "black guy" that did it , when people wear a mickey mouse mask to rob a bank,do u actually go out looking for a micky mouse that robbed a bank? My point is,the.chances of the shooter being black is.very slim,just cause.he seems black on that little side ways unclear photo doesn't mean he wasnt wearing anything to disguise his looks,which majority of people that commit such crime do

    1. What do I believe, wild speculation or my lying eyes?

  7. So Sonny,when a rober dressed as mickey mouse robs.a bank,I guess ur one of the people that's.actually looking for the Micky huh lol

    1. Alls I know: Looks like a black dude to me, fellas...

    2. Yeah, I noticed the big round ears sticking out of his hat. Give me a break. Don't know why you want to believe it wasn't a black guy; maybe the mob conspiracy suits you better than some private beef. Don't know, but it pretty much appears to be as it is.

  8. Sonny still believes Russians took out Big Paul C. back in 1985 just cause they "looked" (keyword) like those vodka drunks lol

  9. Tony Soprano wacked himself looked like huh


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