Former Mobster Sounds Off About Feds' Recent Bust

Sonny Girard is a former mobster and published novelist whose blogs appear on his website His latest blog post slams the Feds’ publicity stunt of January 20th. He has an insight not many people have -- because he was a member of LCN.

"On Thursday, January 20, 2011, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder flipped a damaging card off the table as he played a shell game with America. On that day, he had more than 800 FBI personnel arrest 127 alleged mobsters. ...

"First, numbers don’t lie. The 127 men were arrested under sixteen separate indictments. Does anyone believe they were all handed down on or even around the same day? There were so many arrested that they couldn’t even book them in proper surroundings, but had to set up an ad hoc processing center at Brooklyn’s Ft. Hamilton army base. Was that necessary? ..."

It continues..."How about the number of alleged “mobsters” arrested: 127. How many of those 127 are real? How many are wannabes, stumblebums, pretenders, or gofers? My guess is that more than three quarters fit into the latter category. If you read the indictments you find a minor gambler, someone who cashed a check, someone involved in bringing coffee to construction workers, and the killer of Cock Robin. One of the most laughable of all charges is against Andy Russo, who is alleged to be the acting boss of the Colombo crew. It seems one man allegedly affiliated with the Gambinos stabbed someone allegedly affiliated with the Colombos. A meeting was held to keep the situation from escalating into a deadly one when the victim recovered. At the meeting, Andrew suggested that the assaulter pay the hospital bills of the guy who had been sliced and diced. That launched an indictment against Andy Russo for “extorting the Gambino Family.”

You have to read the rest -- so go here.