Nepotism Still Runs Wild In The Mob

The big mobster roundup that collared more than 120 people in the New York region last month, was a great equalizer, with bosses and small-time associates, the made and unmade, brought in together for committing a wide range of crimes, ranging from murder and extortion to gambling.

As an article on by contributing writer Allan Lengel, indicated, what it does not show is that nepotism is alive and well in the Mafia. "Only one son with a father with alleged ties to a crime family was arrested that day," Lengel wrote.

"Unfortunately, there's still quite a few sons in the business," David Shafer, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI's Organized Crime Branch in New York, was quoted saying in the story.

And the reason? In a word, Hollywood, Shafer said, using The Sopranos tv show and Goodfellas film as two examples.

The article also includes input from former FBI agent Joe Pistone, who penetrated the Bonanno crime family as Donnie Brasco in 1976; Pistone recently told the New York Post: "They [the younger generation] don't have the wherewithal to cultivate the politicians and judges. Most of these guys couldn't point out Italy on a map." It is fair to add that younger mobsters of today have to deal with a constant attack from RICO-bolstered law enforcement agencies, which have grown exponentially in reach and power since the days when their fathers were out on the street making a name for themselves bribing local cops when not taking their cash in illegal gambling casinos.

Gotti was proud to have made his son;
The Chin didn't agree.
There is a well-known anecdote about how John Gotti, during one of the few Commission meetings held during his reign, proudly informed his colleague (and, unknown to him, would-be assassin) Vincent "The Chin" Gigante that he had just made his son, John Junior, a member of the Gambino family.

"Yeah? I'm sorry to hear that," said the Chin sadly, as if Gotti had just told him his son was dying from cancer.

Anthony "Tony Ducks" Corallo, legendary boss of the Lucchese family, mulled the pros and cons of making his son during a ride with his driver/underboss. Caught on a wiretap, Corallo decided it would be better to induct his son into LCN -- if only to protect him  from LCN once he, Tony Ducks, was dead and buried. Ducks left us August 2000 while serving life.


  1. LCN is like any other going concern. Success depends on the wisdom in hiring. Top mob guys like "Chin", "Benny Squint", "Nick Civilla" or Sonny Franzese would have been a success in whatever endeaver they persued. Low IQ fools like Vinny Gorgeous, Jimmy Frattiano or John Gotti were destined to mess up whatever they did. The problem is in modern America the press does not know the difference. A bum like Gotti attains revered status, undeserved. He was a loudmoth bum unable to run the far flung enterprise he attempted to take over by murder. In truth behind his back he was mocked, edicts ignored and tribute diverted. Do not write about him in the same breadth as true legends, Ducks, Chin, Unnochio and Sonny. men who defied society to stake out their piece of the American dream. A dream the rich, right wing WASP would deny them. So they took it. Something others wish they had the courage to do, but instead live vicariously through novel, biography and HBO.

    1. Do you speak from being around these men or no? Chin knew about Paul being whacked first of all, second , he had Angelo in Philly whacked as this is all nonsense....John was a hero, a man that went to prison and never said a word like a man has to....Vinny B. went to jail with a smile in solitary and never said a word. Do you know how much money John gave away? Tell me some numbers if you know because I do. Sonny Franzese is a rat, on a new scam in LA as a Preacher.......

  2. nepotism lives, but in ways you do not fathom. the mob is not monolithic, it is multicultural. how does undeclared money pass upon death in the underworld. Let's see, march 8 1971 MSG frazier v. ali. red schrager dies before main event. he is lansky lt. in charge of bookmaking operation in ny. to clean tons of cash red's kid, little ian, gets a cash cow, studio 54. backed by fat tony and sam the jew. after short tax bit gets out and begins to buy and refurbish hotels. today he is the operator of much of the old goldman-dilorenzo real estate empire, including the grammercy park hotel. assets bought with undeclared money now is legit.
    how about dr. stein and wassermans interest in mca, a big stock reverse merger with swishy davey gefffen and viola clean assets. so dish nepotism argument, follow the assets to see how illigit funds acquire vast power


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