Judge: Vinny Will Be Gorgeous At His Capital-Murder Trial

Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano, the former Bonanno crime-family boss serving a life sentence on one conviction and facing the death penalty in an upcoming trial, will live up to his nickname. The New York Post reports, a federal judge ordered he will be able to choose each day's garb from among five coordinated business outfits made available on each day of his upcoming capital-murder trial.

"The court now orders that the [federal Manhattan detention center] accept up to five sets of clothing, including but not limited to undershirts, socks, shoes, dress shirts, suit pants and suit jackets, be made available to Basciano prior to each court date in this case," Judge Nicholas Garaufis wrote.

Chances are Vinny Gorgeous won't get the kind of suits worn by the mobster whose very name was synonymous with stylish attire. These pics and info are courtesy of Ehow.

How to Dress Like "Dapper Don" John Gotti
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"Dapper Don" John Gotti
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Sure, John Gotti was a mobster whose business was crime. He robbed, cheated, pilfired - and much worse! He wound up being sentenced to life in prison and ended up dying of throat cancer at age 61. The guy probably never worked an honest day in his life, but for all of his faults - and there were zillions - the guy definitely knew how to dress! Read on to learn how you can emulate Gotti's style but not his lifestyle!
Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:
Sense of Style
Flaunt It

Pick the Right Suit - No matter what John Gotti's profession was, and no matter what his moral failings, the man knew how to dress! And to emulate the style of a "Dapper Don" John Gotti, everything boils down to the suit. Gotti tended to favor double-breasted Brioni or Armani suits, usually silk.
Accessorize(Minus the Handcuffs)

Accessorize with Style - Accessorize your suit with a hand-painted Italian floral tie, a silk pocket hanky, gold cufflinks, and silk monogrammed socks. Gotti knew that the total package was what set him apart from other wannabe stylish mafioso's. It's one thing to wear a nice, fancy suit; it's quite another to coordinate an entire fashion ensemble!
Comb That Hair

Don't Forget the Hair - Gotti was famous for his silvery mane of well-coiffed hair, often with a hint of bluish tint added for good measure. Rarely was Gotti seen in public with even one hair out of place. His vanity so pronounced, Gotti even had a professional barber's chair installed in his "social club" where he would undergo daily trims and styles. No matter your hairstyle - make it neat and well-tailored!