Report: Sliwa Accused of 'Italio-phobic' Racism in TV Appearance

Curtis Sliwa, leader/founder of the
Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa "has exposed himself as a racist during his weekly appearance on a New York City cable news show last Friday," argues an article on The Right Perspective.

During NY1′s weekly Political Rundown, Sliwa also launched into "Italio-phobic stereotypes when discussing Governor Cuomo’s ethics push, donning a Godfather-like hat and implying that the mafia runs New York politics. Sliwa has made trashing Italians a staple of his career."

Sliwa "donned a sombrero and waved Mexican flags while yelling in a bad Mexican accent, 'Andale andale!,' 'I can be Viva Zapata, too!' and, 'Oh, no, Señor Cuomo, we love you because you love the banditos, don’t you, you gringo?... eh?' "

Political Rundown co-host, and El Diario-La Prensa editor-in-chief, Gerson Borrero "looked down and hung his head while Sliwa went on. 'You make a fool and mockery of yourself [and the subject of secure communities],' Borrero finally said when it was his turn to talk."

The entire 12-minute show can be seen here; Sliwa’s "racist mockery" starts in at about 6:15.

Matt Barbot at ReMezcla notes that "Sliwa uses stereotypical themes every week on the political opinion show. 'NY1 shouldn’t tolerate such consistently disgusting behavior,' he writes. '[....W]ith repeated instances of on-air racism and homophobia, it’s unconscionable to continue giving this man a platform based on leftover goodwill from 1979.'

"Barbot also questions why Borrero 'would continue to agree to appear on a program that treats Sliwa as if he is a legitimate commentator with something valuable to contribute to political discourse.'"


  1. Sliwa is an ass. He was when I did a radio interview with him and his wife years ago, and a bigger ass when he falsely stated that Mob Candy Magazine's publisher, Frank DiMatteo, was a Gambino associate. Since being shot, he's been obsessed with Junior Gotti. It's only fitting that was where the bullet landed.


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