'Goodfella' Henry Hill Star of Tonight's 'Locked Up Abroad'

Henry Hill can be seen tonight on the Nat
Geo channel in 'Locked Up Abroad.'

Usually it's a young woman or man visiting some tropical paradise who gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, only they are reaching for heroin or coke or some other narcotic, not chocolate chips. But tonight "Locked Up Abroad" (tonight meaning Wednesday, June 8 at 10PM ET on National Geographic Channel) focuses on a former mobster/turned informant who needs no introduction, but we will name him: Henry Hill star of books and a damn good award-winning film.

“The wise guys had a certain code of ethics that they had to follow. Drugs was like the big no-no. There was only two outcomes: either death or incarceration for the rest of your natural life. Drugs was my downfall ... it’s a scourge and a curse and it almost cost me my life," Henry Hill said in a press release for the episode he is in, which we found on the website Monsters and Critics.

Hill supposedly "tells the complete true story of his rise and fall in the New York mob and the details of his life not included in Martin Scorsese’s film."

EDIT. NOTE: One interesting detail: Michael Franzese saved Hill's life when he (Hill) was arrested for dealing and thrown out of Witness Protection. Hill, stupidly, didn't inform the prison about his true identity, though wiseguys in the prison, including Franzese, immediately recognized him. Franzese, an informant in the prison, went to the prison officials and told them about Hill's problem. Hill was berated for idiocy and then given protective custody. If not for Franzese, Hill probably would be dead today.

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