Cosa Nostra News Poll: Majority 'Enjoy' VH1's Mob Wives

Despite a flurry of negative comments, a majority of Cosa Nostra News readers who took part in a recent poll requesting how they felt about the hit VH1 show Mob Wives indicate they enjoy the show.

Of the 180 poll participants, who could vote only once, and anyone could take part in the poll, 140, or 77% said, "Yes," they enjoy the show. At the same time, 36, or 20%, said no, they do not enjoy the show.

Four respondents, or 2%, or a bit confused it would seem, being unable to form an opinion about the show.

Bottom line -- despite all the haters out there, most readers of this site enjoy Mob Wives, which gives us a stamp of approval of sorts in that we have been giving it so much cyber space.

Here is a graphical display of the poll -- and please take part in polls, if you have a moment. You merely have to click a button expressing your opinion on an issue. We can't identify you in any way; your vote truly is "blind."

 Do you enjoy VH1's Mob Wives TV Show?

  140 (77%)

  36 (20%)

Don't have an opinion
  4 (2%)

Votes so far: 180
Poll closed 


  1. the fix was in. no doubt

  2. OK - now I am being anonymously accused of fabricating a poll. Anonymous, I take great umbrage with your remark. If you operated a blog of your own, you would see it is impossible to fake a poll and results on the Blogspot system, anyway. Those results are genuine despite what you allege, and the 180 viewers out there know who they are. As my grandfather would say, "Go sit on your hat."


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