'Mob Wives' Reunion: Drita, Karen Feud Rocks the Show

Well, it started off civilly and -- honestly -- aside from some yelling and crying, the Mob Wives reunion was more talking than brawling. There will be a second season coming up, with the same cast, though it would be nice if they found some actual MOB WIVES for the show: These women are all divorced! Drita was the only one married, but now thanks to Lee's cumare activity, she of the gorgeous bikini photos also is getting a divorce. (And you know he's sitting in his cell looking at those pix saying, "What the f--k did I do...)

Here's a recap for those who missed the show courtesy of a writer willing to spend the time and energy to type out the words, namely Lindsey DiMattina on Hollywood Life:

Wendy Williams sits down with the Mob Wives for their reunion on July 10. It’s the first time that Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano have seen each other since their massive bloody battle during the season finale — and the fight is still on! Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano also get into a heated argument that causes Renee to leave in tears.

Drita kicks off the evening by discussing the status of her relationship with her husband Lee D’avanzoafter finding out that he cheated on her. “Lee and I aren’t speaking. I filed for divorce,” she admits. “It’s not finalized yet.” And reveals that she confronted Lee’s “guma”(girlfriend of an Italian mobster).

Carla then opens up about her estranged husband Joey Ferragamo, who just recently returned home from jail. Though they aren’t together at the moment, she notes that she is no longer dating her ex-boyfrined. “Me and Joe have a great relationship right now,” fesses Carla.

The fight between Carla and Karen errupts again. They debate if Carla’s ex grabbed Renee’s butt. Renee claims he did it, but Carla doesn’t believe her. “You’re pushing it calling me a liar,” Renee shouts. “He touched me, it’s an fact not an opinion. Restylane [is you're new nickname] because you’re nothing but a filler b*tch. You’re a moron.” Renee leaves crying.

The drama heats up when Wendy touches upon the rooftop battle between Drita and Karen. “It’s f*cked up because I’m not happy with how anything played out,” Drita says.

Karen continues to defend that the she only was trying to fix her relationship with Drita — not that the fight was about Drita’s hubby, who’s Karen’s ex.
“Don’t talk about riding my husband’s d*ck,” yells Drita. About the actual phyisical confrontation, – Drita blacked out and doesn’t recall the whole situation.Nothing between the women gets resolved. Karen and Drita still disagree as to who is to blame. “To me it was just about friendship, I don’t know if I’ll ever get past it,” shares Karen. “If I could go back in time, I would,” says Drita. Karen agrees that she regrets that it happened. But it looks like they will never be friends again!