Tax Payers Foot Bill for 'Pricey Whitey' Bulger

Bulger pleaded "not guilty," and
has the lawyer that may be able to
make that happen.

 James “Whitey” Bulger’s helicopter transport from a Plymouth jail to the Federal Courthouse in Boston carries a price tag of nearly $14-thousand dollars an hour, paid for by taxpayers, notes

But wait -- that's not all!

Bulger’s court-appointed attorney, J.W. Carney Jr., described as "one of the best lawyers in America" -- no Jose Baez has not collected that title yet -- recently asked the court to add his likely-nearly-as-expensive partner, Janice Bassil, to his team – also paid for by taxpayers. The press alone should cover the bill.

“The average murder trial takes a month. There’ll be at least 19 murder trials in this case,” says a source in the story.

Say it ain't so? Well, I can't.

The government has seized Whitey Bulger’s assets and the court declared him "indigent," a rich-man's word for essentially the homeless.

"So far his well-to-do brother, the former Senate President, hasn’t volunteered to pay for his brother’s bills and there is no basis in law to require family members to pay for legal expenses," reports

James “Whitey’’ Bulger pleaded not guilty yesterday to a federal racketeering indictment charging him with the murders of 19 people, "speaking softly during a packed hearing that offered a glimpse of how the massive case against Boston’s most infamous gangster might unfold," writes

Attorney Carney Jr. also declared that the 81-year-old Bulger is not, as some have suggested, showing signs of senility, reports.


  1. Bulger was caught with 800K. Anyone who believes that was his case money is outright dumb. He will probably use his hidden cash accounts, and information about FBI & political corruption, to bargain for his girlfriend to get an easier deal. For him to spend the money on his own defense would be too stupid for a smart guy like him. First, he can't win. All he would be doing is enriching some fat cat lawyer and getting nothing back. Second, any money he'd tap into would be attached by the Feds. All he can hope to bargain for himself is to escape the needle, which doesn't mean much since he'd probably outlive the appeals anyway, and MAYBE to be incarcerated at a hospital prison like Springfield instead of a supermax.

    A bit of trivia: Alex Rocco, who played Moe Green in "Godfather," was associated with the Winter Hill Gang as a young man. He got caught up in a murder investigation, and when it was over headed to L.A., where he decided to take up an acting career.


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