Cosa Nostra News Expands Coverage

Despite the semi-Italian name of our site, we have thought long and hard and have decided to expand our sphere of reportage to include a larger emphasis on our tagline: "What's going on in traditional organized crime in America."

So we will keep the focus on America, but in addition to the Mafia, we will start covering outlaw biker gangs. To be clear about this, the Mafia is our primary focus; but now, one-percenter, or outlaw, motorcycle clubs also will be part of the mix

According to Wikipedia, an outlaw motorcycle club is part of a subculture with roots in the post-World War II USA, centered on cruiser motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidsons and choppers, and a set of ideals celebrating freedom, nonconformity to mainstream culture, and loyalty to the biker group.

In the United States, "outlaw" clubs are not sanctioned by theAmerican Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and do not adhere to the AMA's rules, but instead, generally, the club enforces a set of bylaws on its members that derive from the values of the outlaw biker culture.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs engage in criminal activity. Besides 
their connection with motorcycles and the one-percenter subculture, criminal motorcycle gangs are "unique among crime groups in that they maintain websites; identify themselves through patches and tattoos; have written constitutions and bylaws; trademark their club names and logos; and have publicity campaigns aimed at cleaning up their public image."

ATF agent William Queen, who infiltrated the Mongols, wrote that what makes a gang like them different from the Mafia is that crime and violence are not used as expedients in pursuit of profit, but that the priorities are reversed. Mayhem and lawlessness are inherent in living "The Life," and the money they obtain by illegal means is only wanted as a way to perpetuate that lifestyle.

Key outlaw biker clubs are the Hells Angels (the world's largest, and the gang at war with nearly every competing MC club in the planet, literally). Other major clubs include the Bandidos, Mongols, Sons of Silence, Pagan's, Warlocks, Outlaws and many others. Smaller clubs are usually satellite clubs of one of the major MC clubs.

Stay tuned for our coverage of outlaw biker gangs to kick off, which can happen at any time.

And whether you love this idea, hate it, couldn't care less, we'd love to hear your opinion -- so drop comments as often as you can.