CNNews Poll: Who's the Most Hated Mob Wife of All?

Renee, giving props where due, is the most popular.

Karen Gravano won the dubious distinction.

Ramona Rizzo is not too far behind.

 After only three-four appearances on the show, that is quite a remarkable feat.

Anyone could vote in this, and all, Cosa Nostra News polls; in this one, readers could vote for one or two wives, and they could change their votes up until the final moments before the poll closed.

I am a bit surprised that Renee could be seen as most loved in that the least amount of people "hate" her -- 38 people, or 11% of the voters. I give her kudos for talking about her depression issues on television. Depression is a major problem in the U.S., and the more the "stars" with the bully pulpits address problems such as this one, the better for society, I believe.

Drita and Carla fared much, much better than Gravano and Rizzo, running about neck-and-neck with each other, close behind Renee -- with 18% (61 votes) and 17% (60 votes), respectively.

Now, I'd like to address some comments below: To Anonymous (Feb. 3): Is that the mugshot you mention, now up above in this post? (Do I respond to my readers or what!) What you said is spot on and well put.

Did you notice how not a single tear dripped from Karen's eyes while she basically told her daughter to f---- off, that she was getting shipped home alone no matter how she felt; then we get the tiny "outburst" later, when KG is telling the story - to Ramona and/or Renee. She seemed to not only stick it in the poor daughter, but twist it, too, as if trying to squeeze as much emotion out of the young girl as she could for the cameras.

As for the comment from Anonymous (Jan. 27), I now detect the sarcasm you injected... I admit I missed it at first. Up above in this post, you see that I wrote "Ramona Rizzo should take note: After appearing on only three episodes, she is the second most-hated "wife" though I don't know which mobster she is married to. Or Karen, for that matter."

So Jan. 27 anony's comment was really a dig. Well, it was a pretty stupid comment, anony. Does anyone NOT KNOW that Junior Pagan -- the Bonanno associate once tight with Renee's father, "TG" Graziano, until Pagan flipped -- was married to Renee? (Okay, they are divorced now, but Renee is a Mob Wife, as is Drita, who you also chose to single out.
(Continued after chart)

Which Mob Wife Do You Hate the Most
  153 (45%)
  38 (11%)
  61 (18%)
  60 (17%)
Ramona Rizzo (new 'Wife')
  108 (32%)

Votes so far: 334
Poll closed 

As for Drita's soon-to-be ex, we know the following about Lee D'Avanzo: In December of 2001, just as terrorism was co-opting the Fed's attention: "The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York indicted members of the New Springville Boys gang from Staten Island, which prosecutors alleged was a mob farm team for the Bonanno and Colombo crime familiesThe crew was charged with burglarizing over 30 night-deposit boxes at banks across the country, netting $240,000, committing push-in robberies, loan sharking and money laundering. They were also charged with hijacking a truckload of marijuana worth over $1 million, and selling drugs in their neighborhood. Members included leader Lee D'Avanzo..."

Indicted with Lee were Ned Bilali, Robert Catanese, Randy (Randy The Jew) Gordon, Francis Costanzo, William "Big Billy" Fauci, Joseph "Fat Joe" Gambino, and Edward Shamah.

Sorry, anony, Drita's a legit Mob Wive too, as opposed to a Mob Daughter or Mob Grandaughter...You gotta get up pretty damn early in the morning to try to make me look like an idiota... Let's see -- what do YOU know about Carla's hubbie, or ex-hubbie? Mettere il proprio denaro in cui si bocca!

I do know he was in prison, apparently for running a pump-and-dump Wall Street boiler room operation -- I don't know whether he was involved with the mob or not, but Carla also is more of a Mob Wife than Karen, and Ramona (though Ramona and her boyfriend's arrest a couple episodes back has me in investigation-mode).

Ramona has told Hollywood Life website: After seeing how hurt her family was when her grandfather went to prison, Ramona decided she wanted out of the lifestyle; and she got as far away as she possibly could, marrying and having children with an Arab man from Jordan.

“Everything I went through, I didn’t want to marry Italian,” Ramona explains. “If [I had] a boy, he could possibly be in the lifestyle.” [Whoa - so she thinks all Italians are mobsters! Lefty's granddaughter says this!]

But Ramona’s 10-year non-Italian marriage brought its own issues and problems, ending with her struggling to get a divorce and fighting to get her kids out of the country of Jordan. “The last time I was in Jordan was to get divorced,” she told Hollywood Life. “I went there for two-and-a-half years.” Ramona is now raising her four children — Giovanni, 13; Anissa, 12; Melina, 11; and Gianna, 7 — on her own in the United States.


  1. What mobster is Drita married to or Renee for that matter?

  2. Renee was married to PAGAN, a Bonanno associate; Drita an associate of one of the families...

  3. Karen is a horrible mother who neglects her child to run around long island hoping to become relevant. Your father murdered ALOT of people (including an old woman). She flip flops from being proud and loud about her douche bag father to the victim of his crimes during her childhood.. umm did you not run a huge Ecstasy ring in AZ WITH your dad and loser boyfriend in your adult life??? Everyone please check out her mug shot that she could not touch up so you can see what a monster she is without cover up. I feel so bad for your child and what you are doing to her. Letting a 12 yr old read blogs about your sad life and how no one can stand your lies. Your book deal is a joke, your story is a sad miserable tale of a desperate bitch reaching 40 and still wants to act like a spoiled teenager that has never worked a single day. She gets off on other peoples misery. GET A JOB AND SHUT YOUR NASTY MOUTH.

  4. Commentators, I put your comments in the body of the post itself and address both of you...

  5. The name of the show is "Mob Wives," the show is purportedly ALL ABOUT who they are married to -- and the husband-wife dynamic is absent. As is the mob. "Broads who Bitch" would be a better name. Even pop culture is a subject worthy of some degree of analysis. I don't like to be treated as a fool even if I am a statistic to the penguins who OK this crap to air.

  6. renee really thinks she is hot and a movie star.she looks like mr. ed the horse with all her teeth showing. i would't f--- her with you're d--k

  7. i don't know junior but my friend does and he told my friend after they split up that he only married her to get close to t.g.

  8. I assumed it was Mob Wives as they are all 'married' to the Mob in some capacity (not specifically a husband). Poor Karen, seems quite damaged. Ramona looks like she's wearing a Michael Jackson mask. Drita and Carla are cool. But the real star is Big Ang - she rocks!

  9. Who is this Skank "Love"? And Rene has so much JEALOUSY for Carla! And did you see Rene kick her son (who she suppossedly) loves and would die for? She's the nut of the century! Ramona and her antics is so laughable!Karen? Pure nonsence!

  10. I predict: Karen Gravano's next big business venture is as spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. Put the fork down Karen!

  11. Why does TV even have a show about these people? I would like to know how the network knuckleheads would feel if their family members where killed and the families of the killers are on TV making money of their murders. actually I think the network people are lower than the people who did the crimes.


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