$6 Trillion in Fake Bonds Seized from Mafia in Switzerland

World affairs | Italian police seize $6 trillion in fake US bonds:

The Italian police have had a busy weekend making arrests after they found $6 trillion of fake US bonds in a Swiss bank account.

It’s not every day that you stumble across six trillion dollars worth of fake bonds hidden in the secret compartments of a Swiss bank account. The investigation into the fake bonds has actually been a pretty big one. Italian, Swiss and American authorities carried out the sting over a year-long period, according to Italian police officials.

Initially, it started off as just a mafia loan shark sting. However, after tapping, intercepting phone calls and fine combing emails, the police realised the mess was a lot bigger then that originally thought.

Six trillion dollars might seem like a stupid amount to print, but just remember it’s only about one third of the US debt.

The bonds were actually seized back in January but we’re only hearing about it now. They were found in three large trunks on the grounds of a Swiss trust company.

What’s worrying is that rumours are suggesting that the mafia were actually looking to buy some plutonium with the fake cash, however, we’re not too sure that’s the type of racket that they’re into. It’s more likely that they we just using them to pay deposits and the likes.

Eight men were arrested and are accused of counterfeiting bonds, credit card forgery, and loan-sharking in the Italian regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, Lazio and Basilicata, police said.