'Mob Wives' Poll Continued One More Day

Ramona, right after Drita bloodied her mouth. We certainly
don't condone violence against women, but this one had it
coming by partaking in a premeditated ambush.
Stop. Being. So. Nice!!!!

Only Ramona Rizzo would say that about Karen "the Bull" Gravano... and many Cosa Nostra News readers seem to agree. So far, to no one's surprise, Karen is far and away the most hated wife, as per our ongoing poll, with Ramona Rizzo not too far behind; her ties to Karen can't be helping.

We know the producers need a story line, even if it is  "reality TV" but if they think pairing Karen and Ramona against Drita is an equal match they are mistaken. Our poll, which 300 readers have partaken in, so far, clearly indicates this story line is a case of good versus bad, with Drita personifying the good.

We have to admit surprise that she is more disliked than Renee, the self-pitying manipulator who clearly is the "sweetheart" of the show -- and Renee's numbers will probably only go up once the tragedy of Junior is revealed -- just as he and Renee are making efforts to reunite -- after 12 years of divorce -- Junior Pagan "turned" for the DEA and got Renee's -- and the show's main producer/creator's -- father T.G. Graziano tossed back in the joint, where he was recently hit with a fresh indictment.

We thought it would be silly to close a  poll designed for "Mob Wives" viewers on the very day of the next new episode, so we thought we'd extend it a day to see how tonight's developments sway viewers who care to vote for the "Most Hated" Mob Wife. (Yeah, we could've positioned it as "Most Loved" Mob Wife -- but where the hell is the fun in that?)

So, if you haven't already, weighed in -- you can vote for two of the Wives and even change your vote up until the end.