To All Women Who Love Mobsters... Please Read

Are you a woman who loves a little danger in life? Would you consider a fling or a date or a relationship with a "wiseguy" a dream come true?

Have you already gone through such a situation and come out the other side, maybe having scratched that itch and, hopefully, without getting wounded, mentally or physically... Or maybe you're back on the market to be a moll to another John Gotti or Vinny Basciano? (Well, who else we gonna mention here? Andy Mush? One of the Little Guys -- there are a few.... No offense Andy, etc...)

Calling all molls!

Email us your pic and tell us your story -- we want to start an ongoing feature. Inspired to some extent by Mob Wives, we are looking for stories about women who have had relationships with mobsters -- don't worry about the writing, we have good editors on staff. (Am I delusional when I refer to myself as "we"?)

We are still mulling a name for the feature, but it would probably be something like "Cosa Nostra Cumares," unless I can think of something better. I am open to suggestions, as well, so leave your comments.

And if you can get someone to take a digital pic of you, maybe wearing something a little provocative -- no nudity, please (well, you could send nude pics but I can't run them!).

Please send the pic and your story -- or at least send us an introduction or greeting or what-not, so we can get in touch. We can help you write your story if you are not a good writer (there I go with the "we" again). Anyway please email your info and pics to me at:

If you prefer to tell your story and run a pic but maintain anonymity, we can do that, too -- we can black out your face and alter enough facts in your story to make it unrecognizable to anyone but you.

All inquiries and discussions will be held in complete confidence and you will have a chance to review the "package" -- the story and pics -- prior to posting. Also, feel free to send me any questions...


  1. Hi....Im Gianna......I have ALWAYS wanted to meet a real live mobster...I watch a bunch of bio's on a lot of mob bosses and even bios about some of the underdogs....I have always wanted to meet an italian mobster b/c im really attracted to that look, and what power they can obtain.And the t.v show mob wives.....lmao, those women make themselves look like idiots, I cant stand any of those women or that show.

  2. There is something sexy about these men. The way they lavish their women. The bigger ones have more money.Some are well mannered and classy.I grew up around it, My father was one classy well respected and feared man.I wish I married one. Married a deadbeat ex instead.Mob men take good care of women and especially their children.

  3. There is always a scary side of growing up a women of a feared respected man.No one wants to date you.Your home is shot at at times.Cars catch on fire and you might sleep in the closet once in a while with a gun by you, just in case. But you become closer and over protective of your family. Your family becomes everything and no one understand but your own.My father protected us from a harsh life, he sheilded us.I miss my dad. Wish my dad was alive to protect me from my abusive ex.

  4. Everywhere I went I was looked after.The gym, college, clubs. I even had to work at restaurant so my dad watched me.I was very sheltered.I married the first boyfriend who didn't run away.My dad died 6 months into our engagment.He told me he would take care of him if I wanted out lol, I should have listened. It wasn't until 10 years of abuse, three kids later did I leave.I still miss my dad , he told me no one was good b enough to have me and love me.Despite the drama, the dark life of my dad, that man was a legend to me.A real man.

  5. I remember being fascinated by my dads coolness, and calmness.I was 12 yrs old.2 am, I heard a loud sound.In front of my house, my dads white Nissan was on fire.I woke my mom up, then my dad.He just stood watching, cool, calm, collective. He told me to go to bed.Next day he was shaving like nothing happened. He came home with a Porsche. I love Porsche s now:) I asked him about the fire, he told me , don't worry, the guys looks worst and winked.

    1. Email me if you'd like to be the Very First COSA NOSTRA CUTIE -- my email address is in the story above as well as more info about what I am trying to do...

  6. My parents always had barbacues and tons of people. Our neighbors hated it.People always crashed our house. I remember I had the biggest crush on this boy that came over.We would play tag.We were 6. I never saw him again. I heard his family had to move to LA. That boy turns out is now was a crime boss in LA., California. Tommy. He was so hot lol at 6 he was a tough kid but very sweet to me.he would chase me and if he caught me I had to kiss him, never told my dad and I would let him catch me.he proprably forgot I even existed.


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