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Mob Wives Recap: Full Body Surgery, Full Body Smack Downs!

The cast, including Junior -- and we can safely wager our 401k that Mr. Pagan won't be in many more "Mob Wives" promos, considering his undercover work for the Feds, which put Renee's and show producer sis Jen's dad in the clinck.

[Ed. Note: we are working on our own show review, but to feed the insatiable hunger for all things "Mob Wives" right now, we toss you this]
The last season of Mob Wives ended with a throw down, and from the previews it seems like there’s more of the same this time around. I can’t wait! Last night, the ladies of Staten Island dealt with near death experiences and a celebration of life party that quickly turns sour.

The episode begins with Renee Graziano heading to the plastic surgeon to get a full body makeover. She wants a flat stomach and new bum. It looks like it’s going to be A LOT of work. Once she’s on the operating table, Renee begins to get nervous. Her son checks in with the receptionist to see how she’s doing, and the camera man is kind enough to show us a giant piece of skin and fat they have removed from Renee’s body. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

Carla Facciolo and Drita D’Avanzo meet at Carla’s to sip margaritas and sit by the pool. Drita is proceeding with her divorce from Lee and she reveals that she’d love to take a crowbar to the ladies who screwed around with her husband. Carla thinks it’s a tad silly. While Drita is stewing over her break-up, Carla is single and loving every minute of it. Drita admits that, because of her past, she’s terrified to start dating again.

After her surgery, Renee wakes up in excruciating pain. She attempts to sit up and rips her stitches. Renee recounts how she could hear drama and panic ensuing around her, but she couldn’t see anything. Apparently, she had to be rushed to the emergency room due to losing so much blood. And that, folks, is the reason you don’t have total body plastic surgery. Karen Gravano has been trying to get in touch with her friend. She’s worried that Renee isn’t returning her calls. When Karen finally gets in touch with Renee, she finds out that Renee had to have a blood transfusion after losing over six pints of blood.

Renee is recovering at home after sixteen days in the hospital. A.J. is tending to his mother, and she is beyond angry she hasn’t heard from Carla since before her surgery. Carla lunches with her friend Eleanor. Carla reveals that she heard Renee had a few complications with her surgery, but as Renee never answered the text Carla sent her on the day of surgery, she’s done reaching out to her. Carla thinks that the surgery was a dumb idea in the first place. Carla’s ex Joe is in the halfway house, and she is happy with how their relationship is going. If he decides to start dating again, Carla just hopes that the whoever he chooses will be good with their kids.

Karen goes to visit Renee who continues to recall her plastic surgery “nightmare.” She is devastated by her decision to have surgery, and shows Karen the numerous depression meds she’s now forced to take. Renee tells her friend that she’s stopped going to her therapist as she pours another glass of wine…she may wants to ash that cigarette while she’s at it!

Drita decides to take up boxing so that she can take out her aggression in the ring, as opposed to busting in someone’s face. The instructor seems a tad frightened hearing about her past brawls, but he’s impressed with her skill. Drita hopes that she can continue with boxing to cope with her anger, and she wants to try to make amends with Karen after their rooftop smack down last season.

Karen is grabbing drinks with her childhood friend Ramona, and she reads her an apologetic text from Drita requesting the two get together to talk. Karen is only focused on the fact that right after the fight, Drita was apparently telling people that she put Karen in the hospital. Karen refuses to have the gossip mill believing that she lost the fight. She thinks that Drita is being fake, and she’s working herself up into quite the frenzy. Perhaps Karen should take up boxing!

Renee meets with a new therapist to discuss her surgery, as well as her issues with Carla. Man, her crazy eyes are kicking as she’s yelling at this poor guy about wanting to beat up Carla to the point that her jaw must be wired shut. The therapist suggests avoiding Carla at all costs so that her tactics aren’t necessary.

Renee is having a birthday party to celebrate the fact that she’s still alive. Talking to Drita, Renee reveals that she will not be extending an invitation to Carla because she’s still so hurt about Carla not visiting her after surgery. Renee also requests that Drita and Karen stay in separate corners at the shindig and that the pair doesn’t try to rehash their differences during her celebration. Drita and Carla meet for lunch, and Drita tells her friend that she won’t be getting an invitation to Renee’s party. Carla couldn’t care less, as no one ever told her how sick Renee was. She knows this all stems from their issues with her ex-boyfriend.

Karen and Ramona are getting ready for Renee’s party, and it’s obvious that while Karen says she is going to stay far away from Drita, she totally wants to start something with her. One thing is for sure, Renee won’t stand for any shenanigans and drama at her bash. I don’t think I’ve heard so many f-bombs in one sentence. Drita arrives at the party hoping to have a quick drink with Renee before hitting the road. Unfortunately, Renee isn’t there yet, and Karen walks in the door. Drita attempts to avoid Karen and Ramona, and finally Renee arrives dressed in an oversized handkerchief.

Junior is there and gives Renee a big hug. She is overjoyed at how much support he’s given her during this traumatic time. When Renee sees Karen and Drita on opposite sides of the party, she changes her original plan (which, as you remember, was to have them stay on different sides of the room) and decides to force the pair to talk. Via microphone. And enter Big Ang. I was wondering when we were going to get see her ginormous lips and knockers in all her glory. She’s comforting Drita who has taken to the balcony (stupid move) to get away from the scene inside. Karen is getting more agitated because she thinks Drita is making it obvious to everyone that the pair have issues. Something tells me Karen would be agitated regardless.

Big Ang wants the girls to make up, and Karen tells Ramona that she needs to talk to Drita. Ramona reminds her that the party isn’t the time or place for this conversation, and finally someone is the voice of reason! Karen gives Ramona her word that she won’t approach Drita during Renee’s night. Drita tells Big Ang that if Karen is open to talking to her, she will mend fences, so Big Ang relays that news to Karen and Ramona. Is it just me, or does Karen look beyond thrilled at the prospect of having this all go down at the party? Renee’s party is about to become a mob scene (even more so than it already was!).

Next week, Drita’s attempts to make peace are interrupted by Karen airing her issues. Drita throws the first punch, and the party quickly becomes a brawl.


  1. There was no way I was going to miss this first episode of Mob Wives this season! Even if I was working late at DISH, I was still going to watch it because I have TV everywhere. So on break I streamed the show right to my iPhone and I was on my toes. TV everywhere is perfect for people always on-the-go. These women are vicious, no joke. I don't feel sorry for Renee, she tried to cheat and look what happened. I can't wait for the next episode.

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  3. Kerrian,

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