‘Mob Wives’ Season 2: Karen and Drita Fight at Renee’s Party -- Not

The "Mob Wives," bitches
And the new addition...
Tonight is the night that some of us have been waiting for, the return of the "Mob Wives," and to fill you in on tonight's agenda, we cut to the Examiner -- but first, we feel compelled to note that the article was a tad misleading in that the whole first episode was a buildup to a fight we won't get to see until next week; the episode merely set the stage for something that wasn't shown tonight (also, we will have our own review of tonight's episode in the next day or two):

The premiere of “Mob Wives” season 2 picks up exactly where season 1 left off: Karen and Drita hating each other.

We all remember that season 1 of “Mob Wives” ended with Drita grabbing and punching Karen (with Renee stuck in the middle of the fight) over the idea that Karen once slept with her man (something she denied last summer).

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Now, “Mob Wives” season 2 continues to showcase the bad blood between Karen and Drita—only this time, their beef infringes on Renee’s big day.

Showing off her surgically enhanced body in season 2, Renee throws a party and invites both Karen and Drita. And while that’s almost certainly a recipe for disaster, Renee makes it clear she’s not accepting any fisticuffs to break out on her special night.

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“If there is [drama], I’ll put a mother f***** in their place,” Renee says on tonight’s season premiere.

Uh…well Renee, this is “Mob Wives.” Drama is expected.

Both Drita and Karen show up to the party out of respect for Renee, but things quickly turn sour. Check out a special sneak peek of the season 2 premiere of “Mob Wives” to your left to see exactly what goes down. And if you need a reminder of the big fight that happened last season between Karen and Drita, you can check it out to your left, as well.

“Mob Wives” season 2 kicks off Sunday night on VH1. Be sure to return to this column for more extensive coverage of what I guarantee will be the craziest season of reality television you’ll watch in 2012.

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