CNNews Evokes 'Barroom Rules' Regarding Comments

I just deleted I believe more than a dozen comments; and I know who wrote at least one of them. I have to apologize to you and however many others contributed to a certain discussion that went on earlier on this blog; I was out all day so I couldn't nip this in the bud. My general policy is, please, please, please comment as much as you can! All feedback, input, criticism is appreciated.

But at the same time I realize I have to evoke "barroom rules," which means talk about anything (stuff that is MAFIA-related would be quite appreciated), but keep opinions on two things to yourselves: Religion and Politics (meaning U.S. politics; you can post all you want about mob politics! I mean no Democrat vs. Republican-type debates.) Those hot-button issues are the most divisive there are, and as much as I believe in free speech, you have to choose your battles...

This is not a platform for those agendas. This is Cosa Nostra News; please keep comments focused somehow, someway on the Mafia -- other topics are allowed, but if I see another debate like the one I saw today, I will delete it, too. I think I am speaking for a lot of readers, too, who don't wish to come here and read about murder and assorted mob mayhem, only to be splashed with ice water in the face by sudden mention of sins, God, hell.... This isn't the place for that, guys. I apologize, sincerely, and I am dedicating an entire post to this subject out of respect to the posters whose opinions I consigned to oblivion. Find another site more appropriate for your discussion. Try this one.

Again, sorry, but I am sincere about this. I hope I don't sound like a power-mad prick, here, but I can't have people attempting to change this site's personality. If you'd like to email me to discuss this further, my address is in the "about me" type box on the top right-hand side of the homepage.


"Fast Eddie"