Beautiful Moll Distances Herself from Mob Rat BF

From the NY Daily News:
  Kim Juliano, ex-girlfriend of mob rat Reynold Maragni. -- Image taken from her Facebook profile
Kim Juiliano knows how to deal with a
wiseguy boyfriend who flips.

The beautiful moll of an indicted Colombo gangster bailed on her beau’s $2.5 million bond after she learned he turned rat.

Kim Juliano, 49, filed notice in Brooklyn Federal Court last month, begging out of the financial arrangement that helped spring her made man, Reynold Maragni, from jail.

The change of heart came after prosecutors revealed the high-ranking capo had secretly begun wearing a wire to record other mobsters while he was free on bail.

“I am very uncomfortable having this bond attached to me on a personal level,” Juliano wrote to Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto.
  Fifteen people, including Alphonse "Allie Boy" T. Persico, Reynolds Maragni, and Joseph "Joey Flowers" Rotunno, were arrested Thursday, June 22, 2000, on charges of running the Colombo crime family's gambling, extortion and money laundering operations in South Florida. The South Florida "crew" of the New York Mafia family has pulled in as much as $2,000 a day in gambling and bookmaking since 1997, according to a federal racketeering indictment unsealed Wednesday. (AP Photo/Broward County Sheriff's Office via Miami Herald) “I have not heard from Mr. Maragni, nor have I been able to get through to him in over a month,” Juliano’s letter states. “Mr. Maragni is now cooperating as an informant. I have legally signed my name to something that I have been mislead (sic) to believe.”

The letter was sent Jan. 30, about a month after prosecutors revealed Maragni was a government informant.

Matsumoto granted Juliano’s request on Friday. Maragni’s bond was no longer necessary anyway because he’s in the government’s witness protection program.

When contacted by the Daily News, Juliano was reluctant to discuss the letter — or Maragni, whom she referred to in the past tense.

“To be honest, I had a great relationship with this man,” she said. “He was somebody I cared about. I have no comment on the situation as it is. It is what it is.”

Juliano’s Facebook status changed to “single” last month.

Court papers refer to her as a “licensed aesthetician” who lives on Staten Island.

“I do makeup and facials at Macy’s,” she said at Maragni’s bail hearing, according to a transcript.

Maragni, 59, was indicted along with more than 100 gangsters in last year’s historic Mafia takedown by the feds.

He was granted bail after claiming he suffers from three different types of cancer and needs treatment that the federal lockup in Brooklyn could not provide.

Brooklyn Federal Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom confined Maragni to Juliano’s home, granting him leaves only for medical emergencies or to travel to his doctors in Florida, where he also has a home in Coconut Creek and allegedly supervised a Colombo crew.

Besides Juliano, the bail bond was also signed by his three children, his estranged wife and several longtime friends who posted their homes.

“I would never do anything to jeopardize (bond guarantors) financially or any other way,” Maragni assured the judge last year.

After he was sprung, Maragni had second thoughts about fighting the extortion and loansharking charges. He began wearing a hidden wire and taping wiseguys in New York and Florida while supposedly on medical visits.

“He is going to be your worst nightmare,” Bloom had warned Juliano, referring to Maragni’s strict bail conditions.

“No going out to dinner, no picking up food, no taking out the garbage, no picking up milk on the way home,” Bloom said.

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