Lee Cheated on "Junior" Pagan's Mistress, Says Renee

Renee Graziano dishes up the dirt on Power 105.1 radio.
Renee, riding out her celebrity (you go, girl!), seems to be all over the place these days, doing photo shoots or interviews with print/online sites and on radio.

VH1.com highlights a recent radio interview Renee did with the Breakfast Club, where she discussed a range of subjects, including her plastic surgery nightmare, her connection to Drita D’Avanzo’s husband Lee, and for the first time, offered some insight into the latest with ex-husband Junior Pagan, who was exposed as working undercover for a unique team of DEA/FBI agents.

Pagan helped put Renee's father back in jail by putting on his own radio show -- for the government, with Renee's father the unwitting guest star.

More on Pagan from Reality Tea: In November Graziano was arrested while living in a halfway house in Brooklyn as he was finishing out the sentence for a prior conviction. Additionally, he is named in an indictment against acting boss Vincent “Vinny TV” Badalamenti and capo Nicholas Santoro, who gained notoriety back in the Joe Piston/Donnie Brasco days.

Patrick Parrotta, Graziano’s attorney, gave an interview outside the courthouse, insisting everything was fine between Graziano and his Mob Wives daughters. While Renee stars in the show, it is the brainchild of her sister Jennifer. Parrotta stated, “He does not hold what Hector did against his daughters.”
His lawyer further asserted that any animosity Graziano may have had about VH1′s hit show is in the past. “There’s no estrangement, everybody’s talking,” Parrotta said. Also, don’t expect to see Graziano pulling a Pagan any time soon. While he is currently in plea negotiations, his lawyer is adamant that he would never cooperate with the feds. Good to know!

"[TG] does not hold what Hector did against his daughters,” Graziano attorney Patrick Parrotta stated. The lawyer further asserted that any animosity [TG] Graziano may have had about VH1′s hit show is in the past. “There’s no estrangement, everybody’s talking.”

Parrotta claims that he is unsure if the FBI directed Junior to go on the show in an effort to regain closeness with the Graziano family. Junior, who appeared in an episode filmed last summer, began wearing a wire last August.
Below, Renee highlights via VH1:

The woman that Lee D’Avanzo cheated on Drita with was none other than Junior’s own girlfriend.

The hole in her back that resulted after her plastic surgery was “the size of a lemon.”

The doctor who performed her plastic surgery had a clean record… until Renee learned that his records had been concealed. Turns out, a woman who underwent the same surgery Renee had died in his care.

Renee says Carla and her were “on our way to making up,” but Carla made comments about Renee’s son that Renee thinks are unforgivable. Aside from Carla, Renee speaks to everyone else in the cast.

She confirmed that Junior wore a wire in order to cooperate with the Fed/DEA team, and as a result, Renee’s own father had to return to prison.
She also said that she currently does not know Junior’s whereabouts. Before Junior wore the wire and disappeared, they were making plans to get married for a second time.

She attributes her 20-plus year struggle with depression to “the lifestyle” and the effects that it’s had on her.

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  1. Im from Staten Island , and also know some of these people, some really are not "so called" mobsters which the show would let you beleive so. Actually some just know them or through association. What I find disturbing is the un-womanly cursing and tough acting??? Really no need to act like that and a terrible display as your children must live in the shadows of the show and the so called persona ( mob wives) , kind of disturbing and be -littling to a womans self respect. Hopefully these woman see what they put on, show or entertainment self respect is not for sale

    1. I'd love to "chat" with you -- email me at eddie2843@gmail.com; I use anonymous sources, won't have to name you, that means, and maybe you could verify something for me... Ciao,Ed


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