Hit Women: An Offer You Won't Want to Refuse

Revenge for hire is the concept behind the television series “Hit Women,” a dark comedy about four ruthless hit women  who carry out contracts for hire.

The program is the brainchild of Ranelle Golden, an accomplished writer and producer. A seasoned Indie Film Maker with IMDB.com credits, her films have been showcased in film festivals across the country.

In mid-2011 she began developing the first of two television concepts; one of which was Hit Women, which premiered at the international MIPCOM 2012 Event in Cannes, France. 

Rock House Productions, LLC is managing the production of the trailer and is promoting the series to the networks.

The projected television series features a cast that includes Laura Gomez (Orange is Black), Clayton Snyder (Lizzy McGuire/US Water polo member), Roxy Rebel (stunt work in Transformer-Age of Extinction), Diana Durango (The Butler, Monster, Planet of the Apes and Heat), JJ Kim-Farzenbaker (Devious Maids and more), Veronica Zazzaro (in her television debut), William Haze (Middle of Nowhere, Transformer: Dark Side of the Moon, and Pain and Gain and TV series One Tree Hill) and John Thomassen (Awakened, Living with the Dead and more).

Susan DeSantis Ferritto, mob widow and author of Ferritto An Assassin Scorned, is helping to promote the 2014 trailer. Susan knows something about revenge. Her late husband Ray Ferritto was responsible for the brutal bombing death of the infamous Danny “The Irishman” Greene in 1977 and the downfall of the Cleveland regime. In her book, she tells the story of Ray Ferritto, made man, killer, safecracker, compulsive gambler, loan shark and Cosa Nostra powerbroker, who struck back against the very constituents who ordered his death after he did them the biggest favor of their lives.

As his wife and most trusted confidant she had the privilege of slipping into a powerful role in this male dominated culture and reveals one of the Mob’s best kept secrets. 

The campaign will help support the making of the Hit Women Trailer that is filming in and around the Central/Gulf regions of Florida.

When you purchase her book, FERRITTO An Assassin Scorned, a part of the proceeds will benefit the production and help gain distribution on U.S. television networks and abroad. In addition, if you purchase a copy you will have the chance to win an onscreen cameo appearance on a future episode of Hit Women.

To be eligible, one must purchase the book through this Amazon link only and your email will automatically sign you up for a chance for your fifteen minutes of fame. The winner will be announced in September and notified by the email address you provide. 


  1. Wouldn't be to sure on that, just because the rats get the camera and the interviews doesn't mean everyone is there is many guys who have the balls to stick in there why would the Feds show us there are still cosa nostra members who will not testify the answer is they won't show us because it goes against everything they are telling us about their fight against organized crime and their efforts to stop it not saying guys dint flip but they're have been rats back since murder inc there is always some people who can't do time but the reason you hear about it more is all the spotlight and cameras they give rats today that wasn't as heavily put on them back then besides notable people like valachi

  2. Speaking of bookmaking, what's book on Gotti, Jr. still being out of the life. He says he's no longer doing crime but is he really? How does he make a living I wonder?

  3. Wow! Nice! There is a lack of (English) information about the Calabrians on the internet.

  4. Thanks glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. I don't think there's anything more frightening than seeing a piece of paper with your name on it, preceded by "The People.of the United States versus... "


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