Meet Former Colombo Capo Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese

THIS POST IS OLD; the event closed.

Wanna meet a gangster?

An official inducted member of Cosa Nostra?

I just received an invitation to extend to all my readers, who are free to extend the invitation to anyone they want.

Readers of Cosa Nostra News (and anyone they care to extend this offer to) are personally invited to meet Michael Franzese and his wife Cammy in New Jersey to discuss the new movie about Michael's life and times in the Mafia, "God the Father," over breakfast.

To register click on this link: Attend Breakfast with Michael Franzese.

Watch the trailer on the continuation; looks pretty cool to me...

Now is your chance to sit down and break bread with a man privy to secrets of Cosa Nostra.

How does Micheal respond to Sal Micciotta's remark that when he whacked Larry "Champagne" Carozza, firing the bullets into the back of the young gangster's head, he believed "gasoline" was the reason for the order... Michael and Larry were both deeply involved in gasoline rackets, the most lucrative mob business since Prohibition.

gain: this event is free and will take place on:

Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (EDT)
In Totowa, N.J.
930 Riverview Drive
Totowa, NJ 07512

Everyone and anyone (children 13 and up, only) is invited.

It's FREE, but you still have to register.

To register click on this link: Attend Breakfast with Michael Franzese.


  1. WOW,sounds like that would be an interesting event to attend.Wish I were still living in Montreal,I'd deffinetly go.Just wondering if he still has contacts?Stallone needs to contact this guy for advice on his new Mob role,sure wouldn't hurt.

  2. Micheal Franzese selling himself out for every dime. He knew the colombo's were going downhill , he got out right before the ship sank to the bottom of the sea. God turned him away from crime? The only God he believes in is money. Ed instead of asking him the same questions that have been asked for last 15 years and getting the same answers. Ask him about his meetings with his father in jail , the supposedly friendly visits to his "former" associates in the same period and also all that bail money. One thing that hasn't changed his a business man. Legally or illegally , money is money to him.

  3. Excellent point...I don't agree with everything you say about Michael but let me ask you this: Why do you think I am helping him out with all this stuff? I am not getting paid anything. Remember: I haven't interviewed him yet... have not asked a single question of him -- yet. I am building access so I can start asking him my questions....I know where the gaps and holes are -- but you should email me if you'd like to help me compile a full list of questions:

  4. 'Ndrangheta have branches all over Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria & Germany. They truly are most successful at exporting their criminality across the glode due to the tight blood family networks. As you know Ed they have clans operating from Toronto, Canada, to Stirling, Western Australia!

  5. Great article

  6. There was a very famous five star restaurant on 9th Street in Manhattan called Marylou's. After 11:00 it turned into a lounge and after 3:30 a.m. it was a notorious after hours joint for mobsters, strippers and coke fiends. Mob legend Longy Zwillman's (the old time Jew guy from Newark; I know I spelt his name wrong) nephew used to hang there, Sonny Franzese used to hang there with some of his crew, Tony Danza used to pop in now and then, and a lot of offspring of the mob elite used to hang there. I was hanging with the legitimate daughter (not the daughter of the cummara) of a mob heavy weight at the time. I won't mention her name as she may still be alive. Her father is long dead (Hint: Gotti whacked Castellano soon after his death).
    Mike's father is a very funny man who used to like to break chops, a regular street guy, not a snob whatsoever, but had the reputation of a stone cold killer in his early days. You could tell he ate, drank and slept cosa nostra. One night after Marylou's we went to an after after-hours joint in Queens next to the Sage Diner (long gone). After eating at the diner, we (me, the daughter, an Italian chef who looked like a Viking, and some Spanish kid who like to hang around Italians) proceeded to an autobody shop. After a couple of wraps on the door, an old Italian guy who looked and dressed like Phil Rizzuto opens the door with arms wide open and warm wishes. He whisks us through a little office and opens another door. I know, it sounds like someone is gonna get whacked. WRONG. We proceed through another door and a massive party is going on -- dancing, long bar, and gambling machines. Me and the babe lose the chef and the Spanish kid, and we sit with John Franzese and his attorney at some back table. Within seconds a bucket of Champagne was sent over and we partied till day light. John was or is (I don't know if he's still alive) a decent or regular guy, didn't come off as a gangster at all. All these places are long gone. I think you can google Marylou's and look it up. As for Michael Franzese, I never met him. If he can bring one man to turn his life to the Good Lord Jesus Christ, he's done a good deed whether he's truly legit or not. Maybe he's trying to reach out to his father. Who knows? Who am I to judge? When it comes to the man upstairs, I humble myself and stay quiet. I have found redemption as well and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  7. Thank you for sharing, Old School. I can decipher who you dated (Gotti dated her before you, I assume; did you ever meet her dad?). Can you give us her first name? I've heard so much about her, I want to know more!

  8. I placed emphasis on "legitimate daughter," because the one Gotti dated was the cummara's daughter. I'll email you the name.

  9. ...and MONEY isn't EVERYTHING to anybody else in the world...

  10. They're considered "it" now, the premier organized crime threat.


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