John Junior Gotti Debuts Website, Series of Interviews

John A. Gotti - Shadow of My father: "These are the preview videos to the interview with John A. Gotti, Charles Carnesi & Frank Morano. The full interview will be posted soon. The interview goes in depth about John's book "Shadow of My Father" as well as many other topics pertaining to John's life."

We're not sure when the site launched but we became aware of it today.

In the interest of fair play, we will promote his website and YouTube video(s)... He's got a whole series of them, all of which we believe are previews.

Probably about as close as we'd ever get to interviewing John Junior (and his lawyer, Mr. Carnesi; seems they are truly a package deal).... We don't really want to have to talk to Charlie, though....

Junior is a blogger now as well...Welcome...


  1. There is an earlier interview with Frank Morano, but it's only radio.
    You should try to get a subject's side of the story before validating everything the other party says as true.
    That's what journalism is.

  2. He makes a point at the end of the video that I think is valid. Mikey scars was portrayed as his best friend and right hand man. Then all the sudden it's Alite, c'mon. Why wasn't Alite ever heard of in testemony before by any other co operator?? If he was in on so many hits and so close to gotti why didn't mikey scars or any other of the dozen turn coats ever mention him on, or off the record?

    I read both books and think they are both pretty good. I'll say this, both men went through hell in the system....especially Alite in Brazil.

  3. I don't validate what's fact. The truth stands beyond us. Spin is playing with words.

  4. Frank Morano is one of the biggest fanboys of the Gotti's, Are you familiar with his radio show? He loves Victoria Gotti. Morano and Curtis Sliwa have always clashed about his love for the Gotti's. So take that interview with a grain of salt since Morano is in Gotti's camp.

  5. It felt like you were just taking Alite's side as fact without hearing Gotti's or reading his book.

  6. Chris, I'm going to explain this in a story I'm working on. Friends can disagree.

  7. I'm addressing this in the story I mention in previous comment. I've already spoken to "Mikey Scars" and .... well, look for the story. It'll be up today.

  8. A picture says a thousand words which one comes to mind of the above Photo WEASEL!

  9. Ed, at the time of your Alite posting you only had his side, now your hearing the other side, I'm sure your gonna post your honest option on that side also, your job is to be fair n balanced and leave the options up to us viewers, throughout your blog you've done that and don't need to defend it, we're looking forward to reading gotti's side, I saw the videos, I have to say, he made some really good points and sounded far from an idiot.

  10. Its kindergarten mafia. He said this so I will do that. Its a joke keep your mouth shut and face hidden. Don't defend yourself, saying your not a rat by ratting is a rat. Jr I would have more respect if you just kept quiet, led your life and went away. You "quit" the mob ? Then shut up and be done with it. I know its not the same, but your not jammed up and all your doing is drawing attention, why?

  11. This is about selling books, did u ever see someone write a book n not go on a book tour?

  12. Alite reached out to me as to my comments, called me unintelligent for not believing his stories, and what I repeated to him is this-- his whole book and media tour is based on the "302"... which is an obvious lie.
    If Carnesi floated it in 2006, it would have made the internet soon after. Other rats would have spoken about it, someone would have posted it to embarrass Jr, or someone would have sold it to TMZ or some other party.
    Not to mention, the 302 would have came up in Gotti's 4th trial, if not the others, as it would have been automatic grounds for appeal (plus a major lawsuit) if he was convicted.
    The whole theory of Carnesi floating this thing in 2006 is such utter nonsense it's beyond belief. So, if you ask me, that whole book and media campaign is based on a lie and until proven otherwise nothing in Alite's book can be taken as fact.
    In fact, it is pretty insulting that he wants people to believe him.
    Have you ever had someone spread lies or rumors about you? Now imagine them going on TV and doing that.
    Alite has given the Gotti camp no choice but to defend their honor and go all out and destroy him.
    If he wanted to tell his story, he should have just said "This is my story" instead of putting Gotti's name on the cover.
    He is not going to have a speaking career, he might end up with a TV special but that will be it. When you put yourself out as a public figure, you invite the spotlight upon you, and if you're not going to be authentic you're better off staying in the shadows.
    And as to the poster below disparaging Frank Morano-- this has nothing to do with him knowing the Gottis. It's about people spreading lies and the government backing it up with our tax dollars.
    John's fourth trial took place after the financial meltdown, and the government continued to spend millions prosecuting him and paying cooperators to convict him when they had other things to worry about. That trial should have never happened, at least not without any physical evidence.
    You can't put someone on trial without physical evidence, at least not based on the words of cooperators just out to save their own skin.

  13. Did we watch the same video? Where did he get that jury count? What point? About the two right hands? He probably had five of them. You sounded like a guy who knew something about the mob - now you kind of sound like a plant.

  14. Alite was friends with Jr in the late 80's with Jr chasing him early 90-91 Alite is a liar. as far as Scars he was Jr's close friend and he didn't know Alite from Jr if he says anything different then he's a liar too. Alite was not around Gotti any time after 90-91 FBI knows this as they followed Gotti all the time

  15. It seems this site is all one sided any way. A friend recommended it but I'll pass but not before saying this Gotti has facts right in his hand. Alite is a liar. Gotti Sr would never trust him to do anything considering he wasn't even Italian and not around Jr in later years. Jr Gotti saved letters from Alite because he knew one day he would need them to defend himself. Nothing was in any letter to get Alite convicted of anything all the letter did was contradict his testimony against Jr at trial. alite is a fool to say other wise as all people are not as stupid as he wants us to be.

  16. No worries, Ed, we're straight. I've got nothing against you. It's just how I perceived it.

  17. Why is that? Ask yourself why would Frank Morano be friends with any Gotti after his dear friend and co worker was supposedly shot by them? He believes Gotti and stands by him and calls Alite the worst dishonest rat he's ever seen testify in a court room.

  18. Ed, the guys sitting next to a lawyer who's represented the mob for the last four decades , how in the world can u ask how he found out what he found out and what to say as far as right hands? Come on, act like u know! I once was in trouble n went to trial, I had every stitch of paper on the guys who testified against me plus all their transcripts afterwards, for u to look at it the way you are your starting to show your bias side, hope you don't make Chris out to be right. put Gotti's side out there n let the viewers decide who's telling the truth.

  19. chris you don't know what your talking about , as far as the 302 is concerned and it not coming up in JR"S trial , well news flash for ya !, thats what a 302 is..... the government cant bring it up !! that's the idea of the 302, its meant to help them with their investigations, not evidence against you. clearly you don't know what you are talking about! and as far as hurting the Gotti's Honor .....HA HA ! when did anyone ever have Honor!! thats a laugh!

  20. John had enough Honor to withstand FOUR trials, solitary confinement, diesel therapy the works so his children would not have to live with a father who is an informant.
    Something some people clearly do not know about.
    If you want to help some kids, John, that's GREAT-- but if you're not going to be Authentic, you're not going to go anywhere.

  21. There's a radio show on Sunday about the Gotti family, and George Anastasia is the guest speaker. Its Coast to Coast am, and you can find a radio station to listen to it by going to their web site and browsing their affiliate stations.

  22. That's Honor ??? firemen have honor, some police have honor, war veterans have honor! GUTTER TRASH LIKE THE GOTTI's . WHO PRAY ON THE WEAK HAVE NO HONOR ! THEY HAVE BRAIN DISORDERS and so do you if that's what you think Honor is ! clearly you don't know Honor !

  23. Because the jury count was disclosed; it's public information and he did not have nine "not guilty" votes.

  24. You obviously don't listen to Curtis Slwa and Frank Morano because if you did you would not be asking this question.

  25. If someone who has access to Jr can talk to me, please respond. (Everyone else, please don't.) He can't post videos in a cocoon and make quips. I have reason to believe he reads this blog from terminology he's used in the interview.


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