NY Daily News: Lewis Kasman Busted in Florida

Lewis Kasman, 58

We once spoke with a guy who said he was Kasman's agent. It was weird because, right from the start, we were pretty certain we were talking to Kasman himself...  (We knew what his voice sounded like because we heard him talk on the radio a few times). That was among the most bizarre conversation we've ever had... and that says a lot...

NY Daily News: "Lewis Kasman, 58, moved to South Florida after ratting on the mob, but still can't stay out of trouble, getting arrested in January on felony fraud and theft charges.

A Mafia snitch who went down on federal racketeering and fraud charges years ago in Brooklyn now faces legal troubles in Florida, where cops say he stole a check from his lawyer and cashed it. Lewis Kasman, better known as John Gotti’s turncoat “adopted son,” was arrested last month in West Palm Beach, Fla., for swiping $5,300 from his very own lawyer.

The 58-year-old, who moved to South Florida after flipping on the mob, avoided doing jail time in New York after he ratted out much of the Gambino crime family -- including the son of the late “Dapper Don,” John A. (Junior) Gotti. Kasman faces felony grand theft and fraud charges after cops discovered he took the check in November from the Coconut Creek office of Nicholas Steffens and cashed it in at a Boca Raton bank.

“Mr. Kasman is specifically known to me due to the fact that he had reported an assault case to me in September of 2014 and had previously pled guilty in the federal system to money laundering charges,” a Palm County Sheriff’s Office detective wrote in an arrest report obtained by the Daily News.

But Kasman said the charges are bunk."



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