Which Gambino Boss Allegedly Voted "Guilty"?

Voted to convict?
Peter Gotti Senior rose high in the mob due to his brother, John Gotti (whose nickname for Peter was "Retard").

Apparently, Peter, who served as boss of the Gambino crime family and is now in prison, once served on a jury that convicted a man of assault -- on a police officer.

This is among the interesting revelations delivered by "The Reformation of a Former Mob Hit Man" that is posted on the Social Lifestyle Magazine's website. Another is an alleged aborted effort to get rid of the Gottis after John Senior was removed from the street.

A group of Gambino members and associates put together a plot "to end the reign of Gotti Jr along with his Uncle, Pete Gotti Sr. and brother in law," the article adds, noting that a payoff kept the bullets from flying.

"I didn’t think I was the fall guy; I knew I was the fall guy!” John Alite, Ex Mob enforcer for the Gotti family expressed his claims to Social. “How am I a rat? When he (John GottiJr) was debriefed in 2005 with a 302 document also called Queen of the Day.” An FD-302 form is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct. Alite explains that this document can be found in the pages of George Anastasia’s Book, Gotti’s Rules: The Story of John Alite, Junior Gotti, and the Demise of the American Mafia,’ by George Anastasia. to be released Jan 27.

John Alite says he looked up to John Gotti Sr or, Teflon Don, and his image when Alite was a young man. Never cared for his son John Gotti Jr. Alite declares, Gotti Jr had no street credibility and was itching for something to boast about. He would often self-mutilate with cigar burns to his hand, and command the enforcer to take him to crime scenes after a hit is made, getting a sick thrill out of the aftermath.

Alite also claims, an anonymous police source recalls in the1980s that young Gotti Jr. referred to a violent scuffle involving two Spanish men on Liberty Ave, Ozone Park. Junior allegedly was stabbed in the leg as a result of this dispute. Alite comments, there were no witnesses and it seemed like he wanted to get caught.

Gotti Sr. went to jail in ‘92 giving his son a seat at the round table of “made men.” Alite didn’t respect the thrill seeking directives or the incompetence of the inherit mobster. Notably, John A. mentions that distrust arose for Junior when Bobby Boriello, fellow hit man and family friend of the Gotti’s, was murdered. Gotti Jr. was said to have “bad mouthed him” after he passed.

The desire Prince Gotti had, to satisfy an ego he did not earn was apparent to everyone around him and soon a conspiracy, that Alite was admittedly apart of, was formulated to end the reign of Gotti Jr along with his Uncle, Pete Gotti Sr. and brother in law.

Junior pays off his conspirators, but suffers a tragic death of any hope for street cred. In a 1997 raid the FBI found over 300,000 dollars in cash, a list of “made men” and a guest list of attendees at his wedding. This raid earned him the name of “Dumbfella” in the media.

Alite claims Junior is an idiot, but is not that much of an idiot to have documented evidence just laying around on accident. These documents contained list of other Mob officials and affiliates, or in other words, Alite speculates these documents gave Gotti Jr. leverage.


  1. I have never heard of a mob boss sitting on a jury. I know, I know, I am hammering a certain topic but some of the details of this particular story I have never before seen anywhere....

  2. The jury story sounds as if it is certainly false. As far as Alite possessing details of the proffer, it really could have only come from one place and is likely just another part of the feds efforts to seek retribution against Jr.

  3. A known mobster sitting on a jury....he definitely earned his nickname from Sr.

  4. He shouldn't have sat on a jury because he was supposed to be a knock around guy and knock around guys' don't vote to convict anybody. But, you gotta remember this guy was a NY sanitation man, he would've never been a good fella if his brother didn't become a boss. He was a working man and that's all he ever would have been.

  5. Macho Man Randy SavageFeb 2, 2015, 7:55:00 PM

    When we were real young and poor I use to bag groceries with old one eyed petey, poor guy, never was able to live a life of his own.

  6. Guilty! ! ! His excuse was that the Gottis are allowed to do it because he got $45 a day to sit on the jury, what's amateur witch you people, plus the guy was really guilty.Karma is a Mother Jumper.
    Guilty on all counts he is now sitting in jail choking the chicken.

  7. Peter Gotti wasn't and isn't known as the brightest of bulbs, but the story sounds very unrealistic to me. Several N.Y. "guys" tell me that Alite is a known liar, and will say anything to save his own skin, turn a dollar, raise is reputation, or praise his own ego. Sounds like Alite needs professional help.

  8. Was it before or after his brother became infamous that he sat on the Jury and still working as a regular Jo ? It would have to be documemted some where. Philly

  9. The Paul Castellano hit was not sanctioned and I have no sympathy for John Gotti, rules are rules.

  10. Ed, let me get this straight, Sr forbids anyone taking a plea n demands they take any case to trial, even his brother Gene who could of pleaded to 25 instead of getting 50 n yet it was ok for his other to be a juror? How wacked out are these guys?

  11. I gotta say I heard the exact opposite, from guys from Woodhaven. They said anyone who knew Junior enough to fear him, feared him because they knew it was Johnny Alite who'd come looking for them. I checked this guy out long before I spoke to him. The Gotti spin is that he's a liar. But anyone in the mob knows the truth, and it's what's coming out of Alite's mouth. I've heard this before about Peter. It supposedly happened in the 1970s or early 1980s. Alite did not make this up. This is among the things the Gambino family, exuding Gotti and his supporters, discussed. I've heard lots of other rumors about the Gotti family...

  12. It's weird how the public has elevated John Gotti ... they think he was Robin hood because he waved at them. He's a bona fide American hero, they think....He had a witty way about him. He had a way with words; he phrased things like a poet. But all he ever did was get arrested for hijacking trucks. He was the consummate mob politician, he was management. He did have real power for a while; he had the Bonannos and DeCavalcantes and even the Colombos (VicOrena) under his control. And he deceived the public, very successfully. He was always surrounded by drug guys, he would order someone's death in the blink of an eye, and he did exactly what he said Paul Castellano did, but worse. He hated Carlo Gambino's nepotism yet he installed his own son, then his brother as his acting, even though they were hopelessly unqualified. I heard they finally got him to step down by telling him if he didn't somebody was gonna be found on the street.

  13. Ed, what did I say or do for you to write that? Also, the mob is very far from being dead, especially in Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton Ontario, NYC, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit,
    and Philadelphia. Secondary mafia cities,
    like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and
    New Orleans, yes, it's been diminished.
    Do people still care, I surely believe they do.
    The U.S. and Canada need more Sicilians
    to come to North America to reinforce the
    Mafia in North America for another generation, because relying on "soft" guys that join
    "Team America" at the first indication of trouble will ground "this thing of ours" Then Ed, what will you have to write about?

  14. Johnny I wasn't referring to you. I'm glad to have you on here...

  15. Ed, thank you kindly. Please work on keeping the haters and name callers off here, you'll even have a better site. Looking towards you having Dominic (DC) on here again real soon.

  16. Im pretty sure the 302 if u think about it from reading the story was leaked by Jr Gottis lawyer to mobsters on the street there.s the guy if Jr wants blame or file a lawsuit should be mad at.Philly

  17. I don't know but statistically speaking, the feds do a lot more leaking than do defense lawyers.

  18. That last part is interesting Ed - on the wiretaps he claimed he'd do the cosa nostra thing and step down if he went to jail for life.


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