Potential Rumbles for the Philadelphia Mafia

George Anastasia writes a column for JerseyMan Magazine called appropriately enough Mob Scene.

Anthony Nicodemo could have an everlasting impact
on the Cosa Nostra crews in Philadelphia.

On Dec. 18, the Philadelphia crime journalist offered a kind of overview of key happenings using a sort of sports story format, only the game was the ongoing battle between the Philly mob and the feds.

The gist is that Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi and George Borgesi are in the Feds' crosshairs though neither likely will face a new trial. There is one wild card however and he is named Anthony Nicodemo. The young mobster has a "beautiful wife and two young daughters" waiting at home for him, but he can't be expected to show up anytime soon, of course. As for Ronald Galati, the feds may want him to flip, but there is a big question mark hovering over the Galati case. As for Skinny Joey Merlino, he's in prison and faces an interesting future once he gets out....

"The big mob winners were erstwhile mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi and his perpetually whining nephew George Borgesi," he wrote, noting how the two escaped conviction on a racketeering conspiracy charge that included a decade in prison each.

Ligambi is semi-retired, though "[w]hat that means in underworld terms is open to question. The local mob is currently in a state of flux. It’s unclear who’s in charge. Or, for that matter, if anyone wants to be."

(Actually Ligambi is co-consiglieri, as we reported.)

As for "Georgie Boy" Borgesi, 52, he is "back on the streets but will remain on supervised release (probation) until next July. That limits his ability to make moves in the underworld, although to hear him tell it, he’s not interested. Having watched the always-hyper mobster maneuver in the past, it’s hard to believe that he will stay on the sidelines."

Apparently, interested or not, he has no choice. He's not part of the new administration. It seems the ball is in Borgesi's court. Based on what we know, Borgesi is either retired, a lowly capo or he may mount a challenge. The administration likely would take out anyone who attempts to break the peace.

Anastasia next noted that both Ligambi and Borgesi remain in the Feds' crosshairs. "In January they both walked free. It’s unlikely the feds will move against either in the future unless they can list one or more of three unsolved mob murders in an indictment.

"The chances of doing that remain slim, but other developments in the underworld over the past year offer law enforcement possibilities. In fact, another no decision and a pending retrial could hold the key to what comes next for Ligambi and associates."

"He has a beautiful wife and two young daughters. ... He is being a “stand up” guy say those who see his decision not to cooperate as somehow honorable. 
"Others think he’s just being stupid."

The name Anthony Nicodemo pops up. His murder trial (not a gangland hit, said the judge) "ended in a mistrial after three jurors were dismissed. Since only two alternates had been selected, the dismissals (on various grounds, one of which may have been jury tampering) left just 11 jurors, not enough for the trial to proceed."

"As recounted in an earlier column this year, the opening arguments and four days of testimony demonstrated two things:
"The District Attorney’s Office appears to have a rock solid case tying Nicodemo, 42, to the gangland–style slaying of Gino DiPietro on a South Philadelphia street back on December 12, 2012. 
"Second, Nicodemo’s proffered defense sounded as ridiculous as the murder itself which has been described as one of the dumbest in Philadelphia mob history."

As reported back in 2012: "A former federal prosecutor called the broad daylight slaying of Gino DiPietro Wednesday afternoon "amateurish" but indicative of what the Philadelphia crime family has become.

"Nicodemo, 41, was taken into custody less than 30 minutes after the shooting. Witnesses had spotted him fleeing the scene in an SUV and gave authorities the license tag number. The vehicle was registered in Nicodemo's name and listed at his address, a few blocks from where DiPietro was gunned down.

"The Wig" likely will die in prison.
"The married father of two young children was arrested at that home without incident. He was charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons charges Thursday afternoon after a ballistic test linked a gun found in his car with a bullet fragment from the murder scene. Police also found gloves and a ski mask in the vehicle, a black Honda Pilot, according to an investigative source."

Nicodemo was arrested that day and has been held without bail.

Anastasia noted: "He has a beautiful wife and two young daughters. ... He is being a “stand up” guy say those who see his decision not to cooperate as somehow honorable.

"Others think he’s just being stupid. 
"And his defense, at least the defense offered in his lawyer’s opening statement in the trial back in May, underscores that point. 
"If the DA’s evidence is as solid as it appears, then Nicodemo and the masked gunman carried out the hit without a lot of pre-planning. No one with any underworld savvy is going to use their own vehicle as the getaway car in a murder. And no one keeps the murder weapon. 
"Faced with those two facts, Nicodemo’s lawyer offered this explanation in his opening statement to the jury: Nicodemo was in the neighborhood that afternoon. He had a business office nearby and his parents still lived there. He was sitting in his Honda with the motor running when a masked gunman jumped into the car and ordered him to drive away. Somewhere between the murder scene and Nicodemo’s house the gunman jumped out of the Honda and fled on foot. Unbeknownst to Nicodemo, the shooter left his gun behind. 
"One of the dismissed jurors called that explanation “ridiculous.” 
"The trial didn’t last long enough to see how the defense would have played out. The big question was whether Nicodemo—a burly, dark-eyed mobster—would have taken the stand to offer more details about the “carjacking” that day. Two key questions—Why didn’t he report it to police after the gunman jumped out of his car or when the police came knocking on his door that afternoon? And why has he sat silently in prison, denied bail, for all this time if he was the victim of a carjacking at gunpoint that day, and not the getaway driver/accomplice of the shooter? 
"Nicodemo goes back on trial in February. It will be a new jury. The DA will offer the same evidence. Will Nicodemo offer the same ludicrous defense? 
"Or will he, either before, during or after the trial, attempt to cut a deal with the DA and with the feds?"

We've been wondering the same.

"Nicodemo has already been identified by the New Jersey State Police and the FBI as a suspect in the murder of John “Johnny Gongs” Casasanto, one of the unsolved murders the feds hope to put on Ligambi’s doorstep. Nicodemo as a witness could help make that case. He also could finger the shooter in the DiPietro murder and offer an explanation for why the hit went down and whether the order for the slaying came from higher up the mob ladder.

"The mistrial in May put all of that on hold. Nicodemo could be looking at 30 to life in a state prison (not a pleasant prospect) if convicted. The DA has conceded he was not the shooter that day, but was part of the murder plot which makes him just as culpable.

"Nicodemo’s two options appear to be state prison or a new identity in the Witness Security Program. The question coming from law enforcement circles is whether the South Philadelphia mobster is smart enough to realize that."

Next item: Ron Galati, who was found guilty in what also can be considered a pretty dumb murder-for-hire trial. He was convicted "of hiring two hitmen to murder the boyfriend of his estranged daughter. The boyfriend was shot, but survived. The hitmen, arrested within minutes of the shooting, quickly became cooperators."

Galati, 63, also has another murder-for-hire charge and a massive insurance fraud case looming. 

"Another “stand up guy,” according to some who know him, Galati may not have enough information to cut a deal with the feds even if he were interested."

Skinny Joey the restaurateur?

And finally, Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino was back in prison for violating the terms of his probation

"With his three years of supervised release about to end, Merlino was spotted out on the town in Boca Raton with his former co-defendant and mob associate John “Johnny Chang” Ciancaglini. 
"Authorities said Merlino and Ciancaglini dined at a posh Italian restaurant on the night of June 18 and then repaired to a trendy cigar bar where they capped the evening with a good smoke and some libations. 
"Both were convicted in a high profile mob racketeering trial in 2001. Merlino had completed his prison term and had relocated to Florida where he was serving out his three years of probation. During that period he was prohibited from associating with any known felon or mobsters. 
"Ciancaglini fit both descriptions. 
"Merlino’s lawyers argued that the meeting with Ciancaglini was a “chance encounter.” They said there was no proof that they had dined together that night, even though they may have been in the same restaurant. And they contended that while Skinny Joey and Johnny Chang happened to be in the cigar bar, Havana Nights, at the same time, it was not a pre-planned meeting. ... 
"The upside for Skinny Joey, however, is that once this issue is resolved, he will no longer be on supervised release and will be free to meet and associate with whomever he chooses.
"Meanwhile, Merlino has gone into the restaurant business. He’s got financial backers who have opened a new spot in Boca called—what else?—Merlino’s. Joey can’t have a stake in the business because a convicted felon can’t be part of an establishment that has a liquor license. But he can be the “host” who meets and greets customers. He’s been doing that since the restaurant opened early in November."


  1. George Borgesi has been told that if he makes any moves he will be clipped.

  2. Ed, word on the street is that Nicodemo is ready to plead out to 25yrs, if that's true then I think he's flipping, he gets 25 then gives up the Gino murderer plus the other three murders plus he has over two years in already? I see him getting time served or no more then ten years. In state u do 65% which means he'll be out in a couple years with the time he already has in. Stay on this story Ed, a lot should be coming out soon and it's going to be very inteestimg.

  3. Get your facts straight he doesn't have two daughters. This blog reminds me of a tabloid. Do you have permission to use the copyrighted material that belongs to the Philadelphia Media Group?

  4. Matthew NickersonFeb 6, 2015, 8:54:00 PM

    Nicodemo pled out to 25- 50 years for 3rd degree murder. Will be eligible for parole when he is 66.

  5. Today in court ed he was offered to walk out with the feds i was told and chose to be a stand up guy and do his sentence. He would.ve got a better deal if he turned befire sentencing . So i don.t think he.ll flip now just my opinion. As for Boy George Borgesi he.s been told to zip it. Rumor has it Johnny and Stevie run his old Deleware county bussiness that could.ve only happened with Joeys blessing when uncle Joe went to Jail and Georgie was still finishing his sentence. And remember Bent finger was running things for Georgie before him and uncle Joe had a falling out. Then Bent finger flipped another guy Georgie brought in the loop. He also introduced the guy from New England Boston Bob luisi another guy who flipped and Roger Vella who also flipped to nsme a few.All for money and they bought there wsy in the circle

  6. Steve, what your saying makes sense, Borgesi made a lot of enemies before he went away, and the fact he isn't involved in the "new administration" says a lot in its self. There would be volunteers to clip Borgesi, they'd be standing in line! Remember, Borgesi isn't a Scarfo guy, and he's not a Merlino loyalist, he's Uncle Joe's unwanted nephew, and they don't get along. Sounds like a problem for Borgesi.

  7. Hi ed see if u can pull my comment philly posyed an hr ago.philly

  8. The judge is not allowing the words "Mafia" or "Gangland" or "Organized Crime" and the DA admitted that Nicodemo wasn't the shooter, sounds like he can hold out for a much shorter plea than that, without becoming a stool pigeon. Nicodemo isn't suppose to be smart, so don't expert him to get smart and make a good decision in his legal situation.

  9. John, your wrong! George is a major Merlino loyalist! He was right in the middle of that stsnfa war when his uncle was doing time n had no say at that time, he also went down with them at trial n kept his mouth shut n did 14 years, by right, the Delaware rackets he left behind are rightfully his, that's what the beef is about with him n Johnny Chang right now, like him or not, the guy is a straight stand up guy!

  10. If you read George's Big Trial column you'll see his information about the new administration agrees with mine. He didn't mention Chickie. Wonder what the "experts" on that vile BB will say about this? I won't know because I never read it.

  11. No I don't have permission. I do however provide live links and am promoting the website. The story in question is also two months old. George Anastasia wrote he has two daughters.

  12. Ed, I know Nicodemo personally, the guy has two daughters! You don't need to go on any media group to find that out, the info your reporting is accurate!

  13. Sorry Ed, I said he did have two daughters, I meant two kids, one daughter n one son.

  14. George Anastasia's article on BigTrial says he has two daughters.

  15. Obviously "PMG" does NOT represent ANY magazine. If they did, their legal reps would be contacting you...and not by an anon comment.

    Furthermore, there is 2 key terms on their comment, the first being: FACTS, as in their comment "Get your facts straight". The second key term is the word "COPYRIGHTED".

    Any intellectual and cultural creation is protected upon creation. You CANNOT copyright FACTS. If a magazine, newspaper or any entity publishes FACTS, it's not copyrighted - PERIOD!

    Anybody wishing to argue this...my user name is a clue as to my knowledge... Capisce?

  16. Probably didn.t mention Chickie because he might still be in the half way house and oughta respect why put the spot light on him right know plenty of time for that. just my opinion. Hi ed Philly thanks for finding my comment. And again that decision came from Joey to run Delaware county and believe me they would rather deal with Johnny vhang and Stevie Mazzone them people out there hate this kid period. Philly

  17. Fuck them Ed write whatever u want so long as its true and the facts. philly

  18. Yea...thought so...

  19. LOL Yea...thought so....

  20. This is.nt Big Trial.. net where people make up shit till George A takes it down most of the fellas on hear have done there homework. So if u wanna read a tabloid go make storys up over there Ed won.t shut the comment section down so Geogie and Uncle Joe or somebody.s asshole family does.nt hear the truth he.ll just shut u down pal see ya. Continue the good reporting Ed and the Gentleman Lou seems to be in the know.Philly

  21. Yea its called the Borgesi Mazzuca media group sort of like the Jr Gotti media group who don.t like to hear the truth Lol. Philly

  22. Lou, while George was away, he said very negative things about Skinny, to the point of "lucky to be alive" Borgesi basically is "shelved" but not officially.

  23. This guys not talkin i saw that he took a deal for 25 to 50. Also heard he was offered to walk out with the feds and he refused. Talk about a stand up guy this guy had so many peoples lives in his hands and he sacrificed his own knowing he may never make it out of prison to his wife and kids again. Have to admire what he did 9 out of 10 guys would have folded.

  24. I forgot why I was here. Threaten him and you are also treated the same manner.

  25. He's taking a page out of narducci ' s book. Do your 25 yrs and get out high ranking member....but state prison, not sure how many wise guys are in state prisons, I believe most are in federal prisons. That's gonna be tough. But wow....i was wrong, thought he would flip.

  26. Well Boys im going threw football withdrawl with nothing to bet. Watching those democrats dribble up and down the court is.nt gonna get it. So its off to the local Pub for a couple bloody marys then to the massage parlor where my old ass can get a rub and a blow job from the cute little 25 yr old. It.s a lot cheaper to then putting the nickle on the game i guess . Enjoy ur day boys suppose to be a warm one. Philly

  27. So if he doesn't have two daughters, enlighten us.

  28. Don't know but I don't think any publication would object to how I promote on here. I don't consider being called a tabloid an insult either. Some people post comments and I don't think they realize they're not stating something in an echo chamber of their own mind, something I need to remember myself, sometimes. People sometimes actually read what you say on the Internet, you're not writing for yourself.

  29. You really think that? A beautiful wife and two daughters.... anyone ever seen her?

    Someone says he's doing it to protect his family, by not ratting. Lord knows what these guys may have decided over lunch/dinner.

  30. Ed, protect them from what? Yes his wife is beautiful n he has a little boy n girl, u think he's doing 30 to 40? I say those numbers cause he would go for parole at 25, no way he makes it the first or second time, people in the know are saying he's not gonna hold up or a deal is already in place, keep watch on this one.

  31. I must say i do like reading ur articles and the response they get is sometimes off the chart which is good so long as it doesn.t get personal to the point of hatred . Philly

  32. I hear the wife is a sharp looking lady.
    If he were to talk why would he plea out is something to do with state and federal laws i don.t know. If i was a reporter and thought he was gonna rat i would sit on her house the next couple weeks a watch and see if she moves or the trafic in and out follow her see eho she.s meeting with.

  33. Nicky Corozzo (Gambino) will be doing his State time after he finishes with his Fed. He even had a detainer lodged against him (Queens) on State charges so that he would go straight to a State facility for that prison teerm following completion of his Fed. Michael "Mikey Nose" Mancuso did State time a while back as well.

  34. Well, Ed, the Pizza Ratboy is at it again on the BB. On the thread about Nicodemo Anthony, it seems he is having a problem with anyone who disagrees with him or challenges him on any of his nearly 21,000 post. He is so quick in attacking and getting his panties in a bunch if someone does not respond to his PM's. He likes to label people as Trolls and how "He" unlike other posters, give the trolls a chance. Who does this guy think he is? It's Gangster BB and not WannabegansterPB. He bullies anyone who doesn't side with him and probably PM's the Moderators for help and rats on other posters. On one of his last post he even threatens the poster that a a certain moderator was "coming for him" He's the ultimate rat. By the way, that Moderator is very fair and suspended Pizza Rat twice for making racist remarks. The latest poster "LIU" who has dared to challenge Pizza Rat last was spot on. Pizza Rat boy is the ultimate rat who boast on knowing the who's who in the Mob and is personally contacted by the Mob when someone is shelved, retired, or is out of the life. He brags that he is not a "Mob apologist" but he then criticizes Law Enforcement whenever it affects any of his "Loved mobsters". How pathetic. BB should ban this moron just for starting and bullying others. I can just imagine what this fanboy must looks like.

  35. Great post Philly, I think your on point with everything BGB made a lot of mistakes with people he brought in

  36. Do you have permission to be an idiot........he has 2 daughters

  37. A lot of credit to Anthony Nicodemo, took the "stand up and be a man, keep your mouth shut and do your time" route of a bygone era.
    My kind of guy, saying "no" to "Team America"
    Wish all were like him.

  38. John, don't be too quick to send out compliments, not everyone in his circle thinks its a done deal n don't forget past history, namely Roger Vella, pled out to 3rd degree murder for the Mazzuca murder in state court first THEN flipped, sound familiar?

  39. Lou, so far so good. We'll see how it plays out.

  40. I'm with you! I would like to see him hold up too, I'm just saying, theirs people in his circle that believe something's up, again, it's the same exact thing as Vella, State case, pleads to 3rd degree murder, gets sentenced, people are waiting to see if the other shoe drops, hopefully it doesn't, time will tell.

  41. I have a feeling that PizzaFag posts here as well. I can tell by the jargon he uses while posting considering I have over 20,000 examples to go by. There a bunch of losers, typically the same group of a few people who pretend to be someone else. All the shit started with the minions thinking they are serious researchers and some even call themselves Historians. The one snake who is a real hacker and creep who bows down to that bloated 40 something yr old women who claims her husband is in the Sicilian Mafia and that they have their bank Accounts frozen because of Frank Cali is a big fucking joke. I caught both of those posters dead to rights saying they were posting from their respective hometowns and analytic business software used for E-Commerce (Not Hacking People), some people are too stupid to understand that. The software shows and copies were sent to Ed, that a few of these posters are indeed not who they say they are, they are LE who pretend to be connected. Pizzawomen would answer to bitchboy in emails, what neighborhood guy whose 55 from the Bronx is going to let some kid in his late twenties call him a bitch-boy if he's aligned with the BASICANO'S or the Ivy-league. what a fucking joke Lmao.

  42. I don't think Vella had been made, AN Is made, there is a difference. AN is a throw back to the days of "it's what the boss says and wants"

  43. what the actual f*ck? Thanks for that

  44. not sure why you would share that info

  45. Roger was.nt made he was one of Georges boys drove Joey around took care if the tab at night clubs and dinner. Made his money from selling coke was in on a few Jobs with Georgie. They used him like they did Bobby Luisi who tried buying his button about 100.000 k another guy Georgie stood for.Philly

  46. Made or not Vella"s situation is the same as Nicodemo"s, State case, 3rd degree murder, pleads out, it's the same setup so far, the only difference is, we saw the outcome of Vella's, were not at that stage yet with Nicodemo.

  47. U think maybe lou being his father in law has a realestate bussiness his wife told him don.t disgrace the family anymore and hurt her fathers business so he made the deal for her?

  48. State time for the gambling case with his brother Blaise? They are not concurrent

  49. That's why I said he (Corozzo) was doing the State time AFTER his Federal.


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