Mafioso Convicted of Murder by Hector Pagan Saves a Life

Luigi Grasso, 

Cousin of ‘Mob Wives’ Big Ang saves suicidal inmate - NY Daily News:

He may be a “killer,” but he’s also a lifesaver. 
Luigi Grasso, cousin of “Mob Wives” star Angela (Big Ang) Raiola, was lauded by a Manhattan judge for helping to save a suicidal inmate in a courthouse holding cell before Grasso’s appearance on a weapons rap, the Daily News has learned. 
The distressed inmate, who was not identified by officials, had fashioned a noose from an oversized T-shirt and was hanging from the top bar in the pens of the Manhattan Criminal Court at 111 Centre St. on Oct. 7 when sources said the brawny jailbird jumped up to save him.

“I was sitting down, reading my legal work in the bullpen,” Grasso, who is 5-feet-10 and 280 pounds, told The News from Rikers Island. “I’d seen this guy dangling from the ceiling and he was there for a while. I grabbed him and I untied him.” 
Grasso said he was with “two other guys,” waiting to be delivered to the courtroom for a hearing on his 2012 gun charge, when Grasso noticed the dangling man. 
For his quick-thinking efforts, Grasso, 47, was praised by Justice Bruce Allen. 
“Before appearances are made, we have to acknowledge Mr. Grasso. Apparently he was instrumental in helping downstairs with another inmate who was in some difficulty,” Allen said. “Thank you, Mr. Grasso.” 
The good Samaritan act didn’t help his case, however. Seconds later, Allen issued a decision denying his defense team’s bid to suppress statements and evidence, paving the way for a trial.
Grasso’s lawyer Alex Grosshtern said his client rushing to the aid of an ailing fellow inmate was a display of “his true character.”


  1. It shows the guy has some good in him. It said there were two other inmates just standing around while this guy was trying to hang himself.

  2. I know Ronny for many years and always like him a lot. Ronny is the type that will give you the shirt off his back.

  3. Yea, and I'm sure it wasn't a "stunt"...

  4. Who said mobsters were all bad?

  5. DC, I never comment on here, but I laughed with your response to Ronny saving a guy hanging by a t shirt... "He's the trype of guy to give you the shirt of his back"

  6. I was waiting for someone to get it..... Lol

  7. The judge said thank you and then denied all the defense motions, Pagan would have probably helped the guy too by helping him kill himself......good for Grosso

  8. To the guy who threatened my life, Charles G., your threat has been duly noted.

  9. "...the type that will give you the shirt off his back" - And after he gives you the shirt off his back, the next day he'll kill you...and make sure he steals enough cash to cover the loss of the shirt...

  10. John Jr, Never sat by himself in FCI Ray Brook you dumb motherfucker, Next time you think of spreading BS, Be it the truth., or shut the fuck up.

  11. Charles GiordanoFeb 4, 2015, 9:56:00 PM

    Nobody threatened you ed I think you mistaked or look to deep into the sentence im no associate or killer man but your throwing certain details out there as if they are proven facts all alite did here was bring up something junior was getting hammered about back in 06' exactly why newspapers now won't bother with the story, I hear tomorrow he has a interview with some frank morano figure i believe a media figure like yourself not sure but junior is going to walk every one thru the whole situation and show his actual copies of documents, I could be wrong but this is rumored to be, once again Ed your media im no fool and your just a journalist why attack innocence that's a bully...

  12. Charles GiordanoFeb 4, 2015, 9:59:00 PM

    From what I see man your just a average guy making a living from his blog nothing wrong with that dude but I seen this alite guy is so many lies you'd find it impossible to believe certain things and I think its sad the government is willing to endanger that man juniors family over a vendetta wouldn't you agree ? We know the streets dude people get killed over stuff like this I just feel for him in that sense, sorry if you felt a threat in recent posts idk if your even directing that towards me but just incase man lol I don't need no one thinking such things I would never harm innocent people

  13. "He's caught in so many lies." I talk to John A, I know a lot more than I can write about. I also spoke to guys who knew both of them. I'm being honest, what lies was he caught in?

  14. Now let me tell YOU something, YOU dumb motherfucker, John A. Gotti was sentenced to 6 1/2 yrs. for bribery, gambling, fraud and the usual...extortion. He went Upstate (NY) to Ray Brook. That was in 1999 when he entered plea of guilty on the day of trial. Or were you not even around in 1999? How old are you, "10?"

    Ok? Got it moron? "Tommy Potato-head" or whatever the fuck your name is...

    Sorry Ed...

  15. I think it just registered in their brain that harassment and threats of any kind via ANY ELECTRONIC venue is automatically elevated to a criminal violation on a federal level. LOL People never cease to amuse me

  16. Ok...again...without the bad words LOL

    John A. Gotti (Jr.) received a 6 1/2 yr. sentence back in 1999 for fraud, bribery, extortion, illegal gambling. He received his placement upstate New York (Ray Brook, NY). You can call the facility 2 verify if you don't believe me. That was the year he entered a guilty plea on the day of trial.

  17. Charles GiordanoFeb 6, 2015, 2:01:00 PM

    No Rico wrong, and from what I see here this is a conversation between Ed and I, not "Rico" the anonymous know and tell all of the Internet, and Ed not knocking your credibility but when did you speak to Junior? Because in prior posts you claim you've never spoke to him, but none of my business... this Rico sounds like Alite from all these posts or possibly a Ted Otto lol who knows these days people get bored and cling to subjects that were addressed in 2006 to answer everyones question on why the media isn't putting this into their headlines, alite and yourself Ed just brought up old news, that's the truth..but Ed enjoy your day I wish you best you have a nice blog here, very interesting.. And "Rico" I think it's time to look for a job or possibly start a family you have mighty time on your hands my man..

  18. See Ed I outta call you john alite jr with all the lies you tell lol ... Few other feeds ago you quote "I spoke to junior many times" but on this thread here i quote you again

    "I know John Junior will never contact me, but I'd love the opportunity to talk to him. "

    Idk man im off this blog this is ridiculous lmao

  19. I never spoke to him. If I had I would've written about it. If what you're saying is true I'd like to know where I supposedly said this. I never did. Anyone reading this blog: did I ever say I spoke to John Gotti? I want to know what you're talking about. Why would I say I spoke to Junior many times? I said I'd like to. I said he has an open invitation to email me.

  20. Folks, you wanna disagree with me and comment, fine. But when you insult me, curse me out, lie about me (blatantly), threaten me etc. do you honestly think I'm going to publish your comments? I don't care if you disagree with me but learn how to express yourself better.

  21. Also you made other comments using different names. I will tell John Alite what you wrote about him and I'll let you know what he says.

  22. Of course Carnesi leaked it. He's a broken down valise of a lawyer who didn't care about Gotti, just needed to feed his masters any morsel of information he could in order to get another case.


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