Guercio Audio Played for Drita on Mob Wives....

It's difficult keeping up with Mob Wives' season five "rats" subplot.

Everyone on the show is a rat and/or is accusing someone else of being a rat.
This is all nonsense, of course -- as was most of Mob Wives. 
Many friends needed to unburden themselves by telling me: Ed, the show ain't real... 
I know it wasn't real. So what? This is a blog.... people don't understand that writing about fake reality shows is a pretense that allows one to slip social commentary inside the story. 
The problem is that if you do this too shrewdly, it may fly over readers' heads. (The obverse is true too, however: if you do it clumsily, the same thing might happen anyway.)  

Anyway I am reposting this on 12/29/2016 as I update coding on the 1,600-something blog pages. (I am loving every minute of this -- I just may blow my brains out depending on how many more hours of this I have to go. I intend to copy and paste code until I awake facedown on the keyboard.)
I am starting with my most popular stories of all-time; this one, here, is in the top 30.
Which is another common theme running through all my Mob Wives stories: These stories generate the clicks that pay the bills. 
It's about the dough, bread, the dollahs, ya folli me? 
I don't write this cause I am a dedicated advocate -- it's not a matter of whether or not to believe it -- or whatever.

As for this audio above: it certainly sounds like Natalie Guercio... certainly sounds like a very personal conversation, too. And it certainly sounds like "the boyfriend" -- who thinks he's a gangster and is yelling at this beautiful woman for "ratting him out"...Well, I think this was definitely entrapment. Natalie sounds a little tipsy and this jerkoff of a boyfriend -- such a wimp he was sure to distort his own voice! -- is tape-recording her in a personal conversation!

Well, bo, you happy now? Did you get all that fckn attention you wanted?

And now December 2016, ask yourself: what'd it get you? You lost Natalie Guercio, son, you ain't ever gonna be nothing but a losah in my book, pal o mine..... 

One finale recap we recommend: The Natalies meet, a gun is fired and now the show is over |

We were promised ambulances
VH1's "Mob Wives" season five ended Wednesday night, not with a bang but a whimper, if I may be so bold as to use a T.S. Eliot reference in the same sentence as the "Mob Wives." 
We were promised a showdown between the two Natalies of South Philly -- Natalie Guercio and Natalie DiDonato. The two women have divided the Staten Island wives over the course of the season. Now, the jury has spoken and all but one of the wives have decided that Natalie Guercio is a rat and has got to go. 
Last episode: Drita hears a recording that changes her mind about Natalie G, to say the least. Something about her tattling on her ex boyfriend. She feels used and betrayed that she ever believed Nat. G. So naturally, last night's episode begins with Drita warming up in the boxing ring. She's practicing her punches, presumably for the impending showdown. 
Natalie DiDonato (I owe Natalie, personally. She called me and stopped me
from doing something pretty fcking foolish at the time....)

The punches are mere child's play compared to Natalie D.'s warm-up at the shooting range. 
Here's the setup: After her spiritual cleanse, Renee (naturally) decides to have a party and invite all the people who made her want a spiritual cleanse to begin with: The natalies and all the wives and their boyfriends. Oh but don't worry guys, there won't be any fighting, Renee says, clairvoyantly.

"I'm bolting the tables to the floor," she promises. 
Before the party, both Natalies express their desires to fight one another. So they put on their tightest dresses, highest heels and finest jewelry. I would rather they wore some comfortable exercise clothes to avoid the cringe-inducing wardrobe malfunctions that typically happens during these battles -- but hey, I don't write the show. A team of very talented screenwriters does. 
So here we are at Staten Island's Edgewater Hall, celebrating violence and cattiness and a perpetuation of mob mentality -- I mean Renee's newly refreshed faith in God. 
Drita emerges from the boxing ring and enters the party. She tells the Mob Wives of her newly acquired intel: the recorded conversation between Natalie G and her ex-boyfriend presented by Natalie D. 
Let's just keep in mind, Natalie G previously admitted to calling her ex's parole officer to get him back into jail because he was abusing her. 

Natalie Guercio,  definition of the "hottie".....
Back to the party. We didn't actually hear the recording from last week that somehow proved Natalie G was a "rat." We just saw Drita drop everything and head to the boxing gym, so presumably, it was incriminating.
But then she describes what Natalie said in the recording. It's weak sauce if you ask me.
The conversation is between Natalie and her ex-boyfriend starts with him asking her, "How could you do this to me?" He also calls her a rat. Why, he asks? 
Her response: "I don't know, because I am." 
What was she supposed to say? That he was violating his parole and putting her life in danger so she called the police? Sure, sounds like a safe, non-triggering thing to say to someone who's on parole. 
Now, I know you don't want to hear this, my loving and compassionate readers, but Big Ang is truly the voice of reason in this episode -- maybe not in real life, but in this scenario. She's the only one who doesn't give a rat's butt about the new "evidence." She doesn't buy it.
And Ang makes a good point -- "Where did Nat D. even get the tape? Cause that sounds like a rat move to me anyway." 
Excellently put, Big Ang. Natalie D. has spent this entire season trying to prove that the other Natalie is a rat. In doing so, she's become pretty ratty herself. Natalie D. is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophesy.

Anyway back to the showdown. Everyone's real tense and then Drita notices a bunch of mystery faces. She calls it to the attention of St. Renee, who asks the bouncer to kick them out. And they quietly leave. Natalie G admits to everyone that she did, in fact, invite some of her friends because "I'm not walking into a lion's den alone." Smart move. But also, it's not your party, Natalie G. So Natalie G goes with them. 
And that's all. It's over. Season five ends not with ambulances or blood or wardrobe malfunctions, but with Natalie G. just up and leaving. For the first time this whole episode, the Mob Wives are at peace with one another. 
And they lived happily ever after. Until next season. Cue JAWS theme sung by Bill Murray."


  1. What the F..k is this world coming to when theirs a bunch of guys watching this show waiting for a bunch of women to fight? This is crazy!

  2. This audio has nothing to do with the women, it has to do with a wiseguy pissed at his girl for violating him.....

  3. You gotta Pretty good point lou Lol. Ed what kind of ratings does this show get they put it on wed which is a smart move because there.s nothing them nites i care to watch on the 3 main networks. Also except for a few lady.s Drita who has aged the last couple yrs and Carla F ' Nat G who i would.nt mind doinkin how do guys bed the rest of these women Renee and Nat D look like guys u need alot of booze to bed them them 2 they are hideous. Karen is just a pig no class democrat lover. The one with any class and brains is Big Ange. Unless the ratings are above board i can.t see another season the writers are really reaching. Philly

  4. Philly, Marty can be out with Gaeton and whoever else and all of them together wouldnt have a clue about going into territory and setting up shop, remember this, they learned from the Scarfo crew, the only thing they know is to go to people doing things and saying 'give me so much a week or your dead', they have no clue how to make a buck on their own, they bust out everything, everyone who is doing things knows this and they all cry broke so they don't have to pay, the ones that do pay are the wannabes that want to be seen with them, I know guys right in the neighborhood that are making tons of money right under their noses an they have no idea, if they have no idea what's going on in their own neighborhood how the hell they gonna go to differnt cities n towns n sow things up?

  5. Hey Ed what happened with Cicale? I saw on gangland news he's shaking Vinny gorgeous family down?

  6. Hes no gangster used to be a street guy knew a few guys but we all do

  7. That.s pretty funny we don.t realize we have a accent tii we go outta state.South of Trenton phla accent north of Trenton New yawk accent lol.Philly

  8. Good point Lou but they better find another way to generate Capital outside the box or someone is gonna be very un happy.philly

  9. If thats even true good for him but probably someone starting shit most likely philly


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