Gotti Dishes on Godfather, Goodfellas, Sopranos

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John Junior Gotti says he never watched “The Sopranos,” and that the real truth of “the life" resides between “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas."

He said this as a guest, along with Peter Lance, on Coast to Coast AM, which aired on March 10th.

To access all segments of Junior's Michael Smerconish interview on CNN, during which he discussed the film adaptation of “Shadow of My Father," see Peter Lance's website.

Gotti Family/ MH-370 Mystery - Shows - Coast to Coast AM:

Gotti Family/ MH-370 Mystery
Date:Tuesday - March 10, 2015
Host: George Noory

In the first half, investigative reporter Peter Lance along with John A. Gotti, the son of the infamous mob boss, discussed the true story behind the Gotti crime family and how Gotti's attempts to leave the mob life and raise a normal family were repeatedly hindered by the Justice Department. Gotti was motivated to tell his own story and that of his father's after numerous others, including journalists and government informants were publishing or about to publish accounts about the Gottis. According to law enforcement claims, Gotti served as the boss of the Gambino crime family from 1992 to 1999 after his father John J. Gotti was sent to prison. Gotti Jr. spent 77 months in a series of federal prisons after pleading guilty to racketeering charges and was released in 2005, and faced four additional racketeering trials, all which ended in mistrials.

Lance, who wrote the foreward to Gotti's book, was given access to his files and became convinced that the Feds mistreated and hounded him after he'd already served time. He was impressed that Gotti Jr. steadfastly refused to testify against anyone "in the life" even though he himself had dropped out of the crime family. Gotti Jr. recounted tales of his father, who died in prison at age 61. Known as the "The Dapper Don," he was said to have a genius IQ and never revealed the nature of his business to his family when they were growing up.

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  1. He never watched the sopranos, lol, Yeah ok! Just like when Victoria Gotti told Rosie O'Donnell that she never watched Mob Wives, then appeared on it. As far as the truth lies between The Godfather and Goodfellas, I don't think the life even slightly resembles The Godfather, at all, Especially the whole Gotti saga, He seems to be romanticizing the life for his own agenda.

  2. Yeah, I'm not buying that he didn't watch the Soprano's either lol...He and his sister are two phonies who've used their father's name for everything its worth and should thank their lucky stars because just look at that picture of that stunad..Without his old man, he'd be living above a deli !!

  3. Wow this guy for real ..whats worse his ignorance or arrogance..i grew up in queens..
    this guy is unreal he makes a proffer session a 302 ..admits to ratting out 2 guys ..then tries to say he did not.. anyone that does a 302''even talks to a fed in that way. looking to make a a RAT.. now going around like most of these mob informant types do.. but at least own up to it .... this guy talks about ..what he lost the buildings money..bla did you get ths ?? Hard ..then to go on tv ..say you never told the feds .sure his sister never watched mob cousin said his sister just made a appearance on that show . thing is this is john gotti's son..doesn't he have any respect for anything ..what a mutt... this guy is either in a pathlogic liar or is lost for $$ or both .Forever now all people will say..gotti tough as nails .. the son..the son went on tv shows wrote books and all the time like greg scarpa he was 302 ing to the feds danny marino and joe watts..what a rat informant ..normally it isn't a big thing..not an everyday thing the informants name on the 302 's name is GOTTI jr . tells you where the state of the Italian mafia is..from carlo Gambino to john jr .. how this guy is alive is amazing..everyone dislike this guy ..on the street and the feds.. his uncles 1 doing 30, 1 doing life..helps im sure.. crazy how times have changed.. john gotti jr informant on crazy but true.

  4. silver fox charlieMar 13, 2015, 10:05:00 PM

    junior is a rat. period

  5. silver fox charlieMar 13, 2015, 10:23:00 PM

    john admit it. you say you gave the feds a lie a false proffer (queen for the day) but the people you talk about are real. the incident(s) in the proffer are real. Jeffery lichtman was your attorney at the time he gave it to carnisi who was not your attorney at the time who was marinos attorney at that time. see where im going with this ? I guess you forgave carnisi. and by the way the silver fox is not dead yet. wink winked your own father who you claim was all that life and nothing else would've had you clipped if he was alive. you lie about people and incidents in your book. 1 page or 100 pages you gave them up the names in the 302 are real also.why did your father have cenamo killed if you didn't do it why pay off that detective if you had nothing to do with it. the incidents about cenamo and the silver fox are real to make sense if your going to lie to the government and the citizens oh and alite was with you night and day for years you called him a rat since 91 but yet he was around till he decided to cooperate against you. theres a reason why all your friends turned on you mikey scars finnerty alite fapp and the rest you were the dog you left your own guys broke alite chauffeured you around all the time pathetic

  6. The wiseguys who nicknamed Jr Urkel were right on point. He Just can.t shut that mouth that.s the only thing here that did.nt fall far from the tree. Also he likes the limelight familiar. It will bite him in the ass like Sr.Promoting this Book and trying to Justify why he did the 302 and condridicting John Alites book about his family and there relationship is his right . As is it to make money from his familys name. Just don.t forget the little tid bit about how my name is

  7. I was told that a bronx tale is the closest thing to how the mob really operates, this guy is on la la land.

  8. If you listen to Coast to Coast audio, John starts to get really interesting, I literally sat up, when he begins a digression on Dom Borghesi .... unfortunately, they cut to commercial and lose the thread..... that's one part I'd have liked to have heard what he was going to say.

  9. As someone with no personal knowledge of what he was like 20 years ago or whether he's lying or not, I have to admit I always think Jr comes across well when he talks and I like listening to him. I always like how he refers to his dad as 'beautiful'.

  10. I must say im a fan of all this stuff.. its amazing john gotti jr proffered a 302! JOHN GOTTI JR ..RATTED ' Well I never seen this coming.. but I just watched a video ..he admits he gave up dan marino ..a captain I guess and jo watts ..I thought jo watts was close to the gotti's.. I guess these guys when that rat..they give up anyone..hell that kid from Chicago gave up his dad..the clown's kid''. Still gotti jr?. He is on tv '' how is this guy living...the 3rd boss to talk..masino , ralph from philly and now gotti jr .. 302's never should happed with any good fellow never. I think his dad was caught on tape stating ..he had killed guys for much less then 302's.

  11. I just seen the cnn interview. John gotti jr. just admitted on cnn about burning the saint in his hand during getting made! He kinda was caught off guard ..but admitted it! He made a 302.. now the Gambino's first boss that ratted.. john gotti jr ratted out danny marino & gave the feds .inside Gambino info! How is he not wacked out.has to be his 2 uncle's in the can?Im lost.. Can anyone explain..i have not followed this for a bit..john jr gotti is a fkn rat! Holy shit..Strange we don't hear more about it. His father would have had him killed. He now will be always known as john gotti's son the first boss of the Gambino's to shocked. He has the balls to try and lie..say the 302 is so funny.When you 302=rat period.. A boss no less ..well masina did it..the guy from philly now gotti's kid.

  12. silver fox charlieMar 18, 2015, 7:57:00 PM

    and he says he went in with lies bullshit the info on the 302 is real names, murders, etcetera then tries to sell it to the media and people fuck out of here junior you ratted period


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