This Mob Wife Threw Sex Parties...

Lots of news stories in the summer of 2001 fell down the memory hole after the brutal 9/11 attacks.

A certain Gambino crime family associate who in his heyday was as powerful as an inducted member was likely quite pleased that one developing story from that summer was essentially shut down.

This ex-mob wife, formerly married to Joe Watts
should've had a television show.

Largely know for being one of John Gotti's lieutenants, Joseph "Joe the German" Watts began his rise in the mob during Carlo Gambino's reign. Watts made a name for himself with the Gambinos under Paul "Big Paul" Castellano.

But he earned his fortune under the Dapper Don and was afforded the respect more typical of a capo.

Because Watts showed fealty to Gotti and his group of conspirators, collectively known as The Fist, which orchestrated the assassination of Castellano on the swanky upper East Side amid rush hour in December 1985 (Watts was a backup shooter), he was awarded Castellano's deputy's $30k per week loanshark book. Thomas Bilotti, Castellano's inexplicable underboss, also was whacked outside Sparks Steakhouse. By 2001, Watts had earned about $12 million from the loan business, according to the feds.

The Castellano hit in December of 1985.

Watts ("really a Welshman, not a Kraut," no, he's German, as Michael DiLeonardo, longtime former Gambino capo, confirmed for us), 72, is immersed in our penal system and will be for about 10 more years, though this may not be as punishing as it sounds to a wealthy gangster who was known to have once "bought" an entire prison tier.

The long-time gangster suffered a stinging indignity while on trial that fateful summer.

The excellent AmericanMafia website noted that as Watts "struggled to look pathetic for the jurors – looking sickly and using a cane to get around... his ex-wife Laurene Maron, a stunningly attractive platinum blonde, took the stand and wowed both jury members and spectators alike."

"The interest was not so much in her testimony at her ex’s trial, from which the jury returned deadlocked on the main charge, but rather in her new extra-curricular sexual activities as hostess of a high-class swinger’s club. Al Guart, a former contributor, revealed in the New York Post on July 1 [2001] the new lifestyle of Watt’s former flame, to whom Watts was married from 1980 to 1996. She currently owns and operates Angel’s Couples, a wife swapping club that asks couples to donate $80 to attend its orgies."

Watts, please note, was already divorced from her when these revelations were made public.

On the Angel's Couples website, which no longer exists (and can't even be found on the Internet Archive WayBack Machine), there were "photos of a busty blonde riding on a man’s back. It advised potential members they “may meet judges, doctors, policemen and even school teachers” at her events.

Maron reportedly described herself on an AOL page as “5 feet 8, blond hair, brown eyes, athletic in stature, with legs up to there.”

The Post story related how "red-faced officials at a swanky Manhattan hotel booted a mobster’s ex-wife after learning she was planning a spouse-swapping sex romp that she insisted would be an innocent graduation party.

"Laurene Maron, former wife of John Gotti lieutenant Joseph Watts, also pulled the plug on her “” Web site after Sunday’s Post revealed she used it to arrange sex parties on yachts and in her New Jersey mansion."

Maron, then 42, charged $80 per couple to attend a romp at an upscale hotel the month prior; another event was planned for a month later. "But execs at the Park Avenue hotel canceled Maron’s reservation... after reading the Post story."

“It was shocking for us to read in your newspaper what went on,” Joseph Kaminski, the hotel’s general manager, told the reporter. “They told us the [June 23] reservation was for a cocktail party.”

That earlier event took place in the Hotel Delmonico’s “Presidential Suite,” which included “three large romp rooms, dance floor, living room and dining room,” according to a flier distributed to promote the occasion.

The affair included “free shooters” of alcohol, a DJ,“3 lovely bartenders to wet you,” and “Big Don” for security.

Kaminski said that when he called Maron to cancel the next month’s reservation, she said the Post story untrue.

On the deleted website,, she advises potential members that they “may meet judges, doctors, policemen and even schoolteachers” at her events.

Joe the German is a Welshman...German.


Men unaccompanied by a woman were barred from club parties, at which, it was further noted, "swinging does not always mean sex, but can include voyeurism, exhibitionism, soft touching and petting.”

The second Post story included the down-low from phone conversations between a female Post reporter acting like a prospective party-goer and Maron, who "spoke openly about upcoming club events and the rules of membership.

"Identifying herself as “Angel,” she acknowledged that she is Watts’ ex-wife, but she said she preferred not to have that widely known.

“I’m trying to stay incognito,” she confided.

She declined to discuss her marriage to Watts with the reporter; the article added. She was already remarried to another man, a dentist, the Post reported.

Maron admitted to having been a swinger for the past “five or six years" in the article.

She also had told the Post reporter about plans for an outdoor hot-tub party in the backyard of her West Allenhurst, N.J., home.

Love to do an update, if Laurene should read this....


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