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Sir Trevor McDonald seeks to show viewers the "reality" and not the "mythology" of the Mob on the program.

Episode One kicks off with John Alite and Michael Franzese, as well as Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo, who speaks here publicly for the first time since providing his damaging testimony. He lives in constant fear of Mafia reprisal.

Sir Trevor hosts two-part series on the mob.
In one scene, DiLeonardo drives Sir Trevor down the one block of Little Italy that remains, Mulberry Street, to offer a passing glimpse at the place where he was formally inducted into the Gambino crime family on December 24, 1988.

"It was a very proud day in my life," DiLeonardo recalls of the night he was made alongside John Junior Gotti in a ceremony conducted by Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano standing in for John Gotti.

Sir Trevor starts to speak -- when DiLeonardo abruptly turns his head away from the sidewalk outside the driver's side window and notes that two Luchese crime family members are sitting at a table in front of a restaurant, not far from where the car is stopped at a redlight.

DiLeonardo exited the Witness Protection Program and remains secretive about where he lives, not even revealing his address to the producers of the ITV show. He'd only agree to meet them in a palatial hotel room in Miami.

"You never feel safe, you don't dwell on your past," he notes.

His paramount fear: "Death for myself but also my family."

He says if the mob came for him, they wouldn't care who was in his house or car with him when they kicked the door in and blasted. This is why DiLeonardo claims to only sleep three to four hours a night at most for the past 12 years.

In addition, "my conscientious bothers me," he tells Sir Trevor, noting that he struggles with the "damage I have done." Also "my legacy, what I was born into and gave up..."

DiLeonardo's forebears were among the originators of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra and arrived in America to found the Black Hand organization.

Watching him as he speaks, it seems clear that this former capo truly fears the Mafia; not as some abstract notion nor as a glossy fictional construct. He truly fears dying from bullets blasting into his skull.

This, he notes, is not a question of if, but when.

"I told my wife if I get killed, don't get mad at anybody," he says."She said you're out of it.... I am never out of that life. It's their job to find me and kill me."

"I chose this, I chose the consequences."


  1. I liked it, interesting to see it from some people you don't often hear from. Thought it was padded out a little to full the hour.

  2. When's the second one air? Every Monday? Most of the same shit u see on every doc but I enjoyed it. Never saw Natale give an interview.

  3. Good show. Have to say though, Alite was the least believable. He seemed like he was coming up with a story when talking about the gun fight at his house.

  4. Has Alite almost been given a "pass" to walk freely because people understand what Gotti Jr was like? The difference between him and Mikey Scars in their attitudes to personal safety was huge. That was a great bit of TV when Scars saw the Lucchese family members in Little Italy. I've sat by there myself and always thought how it seems crazy that the Mafia are still there, you'd never know unless you knew.

  5. After Trev finished the interview with Alite on the street in Queens you see Alite walking off with three other guys, maybe body guards that were lurking off camera? Maybe the feds are waiting for someone to step up and hurt him so they can throw the book at who ever gets caught (if)?


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