UPDATED: Vincent Asaro, Alleged Mobster, Found Incoherent in MDC, Gets 8 Years

Vincent (Vinny) Asaro, reputed Bonanno mobster, 82, was found last week in Brooklyn MDC “incoherent and unable to leave the visiting room on his own power” -- and he needs emergency bail, according to his lawyer.

UPDATE: Vincent Asaro was sentenced to eight years in prison for ordering an arson (though really it's for committing one of the most profitable heists in American history, the Lufthansa Heist at JFK airport). Asaro was sentenced yesterday in Brooklyn federal court.

Vincent Asaro's mob career is decades-long.
Asaro as a young hoodlum, left, and as an old hoodlum, right.

Asaro's attorney, Elizabeth Macedonio, in a heroic effort,urged Judge Allyne Ross to consider the arson charge to which Asaro pleaded guilty in June, on its own. Federal prosecutors however worked to ensure that wasn't the case.They submitted detailed accounts of Asaro’s life of crime, highlighting the murder of Paul Katz and the $6 million Kennedy Airport heist as per their efforts to get Asaro a 15-year sentence.

“Mr. Asaro is here today to be sentenced for arson,” Macedonio said. “What they’re really asking for, judge is a life sentence for arson.”

Judge Ross made it clear in a nearly 10-minute detailing of Asaro's accused crimes that she thought prosecutors proved his guilt in 2015. She was the presiding judge.

That information about his health was revealed in a December 20 letter written to the judge by Asaro attorney Elizabeth Macedonio.

Asaro was taken to the hospital five times since his arrest, including once in October for heart surgery, Macedonia noted, claiming Asaro’s medical care in federal lockup was so “subpar,” he’d even been given his meds in the wrong dosages.
“Mr. Asaro’s health has clearly taken a dramatic turn for the worse and the MDC is incapable of caring for him. His cardiac situation is so severe it is remarkable that he has survived this long given the care he has received,” Macedonio wrote in the letter.

Asaro is in prison awaiting sentencing for the crime to which he pleaded guilty in June: ordering the April 2012 torching of a car whose driver had allegedly cut off the Bonanno mobster.

Earlier this month, Brooklyn prosecutors announced that they were dropping efforts to nail the veteran wiseguy for the incremental charges of allegedly ordering the execution of a federal prosecutor. They admitted to erring when they believed a jailhouse snitch who had fingered Asaro six months back.

Still, prosecutors have been seeking to convince the judge to throw the book at the old wiseguy for the crimes he was initially arrested for. (They believe Asaro has gotten away with murder, quite literally, when he was acquitted in November 2015 for the Lufthansa Heist, the infamous Dec. 11, 1978, raid at JFK that netted the crooks more than $6 million and was famously re-created in Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas.)

Brooklyn prosecutors have known that Asaro has been seeking to get out for health-related issues; in fact, they have noted that Asaro can get adequate health care in jail.

They have written the judge that Asaro deserves a long sentence due to his "lifelong allegiance to a dangerous criminal organization and his participation in a litany of crimes."