Busted: Twin Brothers Charged in Brooklyn Murder of Luchese Mobster

Louis and Vincent Iacono, twin brothers, were charged this week with the murder of a Luchese mobster found floating in an inlet tied to a cinder block.
The Iacono twin brothers.

They were actually arrested months back, on Sept. 6 while driving through Indiana and leading local police on a high-speed chase. Local police discovered prescription pills and heroin in the car, as well as the potential murder weapon.

The brothers, 36, were extradited to New York this week.

Carini Jr., 35, the son of a Gambino crime family associate by the same name, was found on Sept. 2 floating in the Mill Basin Inlet off E. 58th St. and Avenue U, a few blocks from his apartment. The body showed signs of massive head trauma, with both the skull and jaw broken.

Police now say that on or around Aug. 30, Louie Iacono allegedly beat Carini’s head in with a hammer in an attempt to rob him inside an apartment on East 64th St. Brother Vincent is alleged to have helped dispose of the body.

The Iacono brothers were the investigation’s main suspects early on, based on information police gathered in interviews with the victim’s family members and friends.

Other evidence against the Iaconos includes surveillance video of them bringing certain materials into the apartment, then later dumping the body. Also, when busted, Indiana cops found three hammers inside their vehicle; one was covered in blood.

The brothers were driving westward away from New York when cops pulled their Chevrolet Avalanche over for tailgating and a license plate violation on Interstate 70 in Henry County, Indiana.

The twins were arraigned separately Thursday at Brooklyn Criminal Court. Police charged Louie Iacono with murder for allegedly killing Carini and tampering with evidence. He was ordered held without bail at his arraignment.

His brother, charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence, was held on $250,000 bail.

Both entered not guilty pleas through attorneys.

Vincent has 22 prior arrests, mostly for drug and weapons offenses.

Louie has six priors.

Their next court date is Feb. 9.

Carini also had a lengthy rap sheet. He served five years for robbing 10 people around south Brooklyn in one hour, officials said.

Carini Jr. was allegedly a Luchese crime family associate with reputed ties to Canarsie-based Luchese members, including soldiers Anthony Grado, 53, and Thomas (Tommy Red) Anzeulotto, 54, Jerry Capeci reported on Gang Land News.

His father was "a longtime Gambino associate with ties to former Canarsie-based Gambino mobsters Leonard DiMaria and Nicholas (Little Nick) Corozzo," GLN reported.

How They Were Caught
Formed in 2009, the Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement (PACE) Team is comprised police officers from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Greenfield Police Department, Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, Richmond Police Department, and the New Castle Police Department.

The PACE Team patrols a 62-mile stretch of Interstate 70, which bisects Indiana, to apprehend individuals committing felonies and other criminal offenses. A primary focus is enforcement of traffic laws to identify, locate, and apprehend individuals engaged in the trafficking of illegal narcotics into and through the state of Indiana. The PACE Team has seized over $10 million in cash, cocaine, marijuana, and other illegal drugs.

On Sept. 6, a Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck heading eastbound on I-70 in Henry County was pulled over by a deputy of the PACE Team for tailgating and a license plate violation.

The driver was identified as Loui Iacono of Brooklyn, New York. The passenger was his brother, Vincent Iacono, also of Brooklyn.

When the officer asked Loui Iacono to step out of the car, he sped off, leading the deputy on a high-speed chase for approximately 12 miles across I-170 and State Road 3. Iacono tried multiple times to crash into the pursuing officer, police reported.

Eventually, officers from the New Castle Police Department, the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, and the Indiana State Police apprehended the brothers at a Walmart, where Loui Iacono had fled inside.

A search of the vehicle turned up heroin, pills, paraphernalia and pain strips, and the brothers were arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor counts.

Following their arrest, the Henry County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by the New York City Police Department Brooklyn Homicide Unit, which informed them that the Iacono brothers were suspects in a homicide investigation involving their roommate, Carmine Carini Jr. of Brooklyn.