Intelligent Talk with Former Gambino Capo Mikie Scars

Intelligent Talk is a radio show hosted by Ralph W. McElvenny and broadcast on City World Radio on Thursdays at 5 pm EST. His latest interview was Michael DiLeonardo, former Gambino capo.

Michael DiLeonardo, seemingly without a care in the world
Michael DiLeonardo

Ralph, a longtime resident of Manhattan, worked in the New York City-based real estate market as an investor and for a large global company based in New York City and Japan.

He interviewed Michael DiLeonardo, a man who needs no introduction to regular readers of this site. To new readers, he's a former capo in the Gambino crime family who testified in multiple trials and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the New York Mafia, before, during, and after its heyday during the John Gotti administration following a violent coup that left two dead in front of Sparks  Steakhouse around this time of year in 1985.

Michael's roots in the Gambino crime family are quite deep, to the extent that, as he tells Ralph during the interview, "My goal when I was 10-12 years old was to be a capo in the Gambino family."

Ralph, as you'll see on the show's homepage, previously interviewed Joaquin "Big Jack" Garcia (aka Jack Falcone, onetime best buds with Gambino capo Gregory DePalma), among a variety of other personages, including an ex-Mossad agent and a Holocaust survivor who in 1944, while a teenager, was sent to Auschwitz.

To listen, click this link:

Intelligent Talk's mission statement is "to bring you Intelligent, sometimes topical, and informative conversation in a neutral way, free of bias. We let our listeners decide for themselves, based on facts, and form their own opinions on the subjects covered by these conversations. Subjects include history, art, culture, politics, foreign affairs, and current events."

You'll notice that Ralph doesn't come across as an expert in all matters Cosa Nostra -- and that benefits him because he brings a completely fresh perspective on the topic. The result is that he got Michael talking about a variety of fascinating happenings.

I found the interview so fascinating, in fact, that I talked Michael into expanding on it. Tomorrow I will post a story that encompasses, and goes beyond, some of the things discussed in the interview, including Michael's 1988 Christmas Eve induction ceremony and how he was one of the rare members of the Gambino crime family to be personally invited by John Gotti (Senior) to spend New Year's Eve with the Gotti family.

Sylvester Stallone also figures in the interview. Michael tells a story about how he met Sly that I could probably write a long detailed story about in and of itself.

Moving right along, Michael was kind enough to allow me to make this invitation to you.

Listen to the interview -- if you have any questions or would like Michael to expand on something, leave a detailed comment below.

To listen, click this link:

Michael will answer your questions and my questions, and I will post a comprehensive story tomorrow.

So if you are interested in this, now is your chance to get answers -- answers from one of the few people on the planet to have spent much of his life as an active member of the Mafia, first as an associate, then as a made guy, then a capo running the Gambino crime family's construction racket after Salvator (Sammy the Bull) Gravano was pulled off the street.

(I also have another Christmas-related story, including a delightful recipe, courtesy of Louis DiVita, former knockaround guy and author of A Wiser Guy.)

So ask away!

(Actually, Michael just texted me a note I'd like to include as an FYI: "The ceremony I delineated was an abbreviated version for time's sake; also the Stallone story. Ralph needed to keep answers within the 53-minute show." Also the interview you will listen to "was not scripted or rehearsed.")