CAPONE Details Late-Period Story Of Scarface

CAPONE, formerly FONZO, directed by Josh Trank, will be released via streaming services on May 12 (see trailer below; it's there now), centers on late-period Alphonse Capone, who's no longer the untouchable crime boss. In failing health, the former lord of the Chicago Outfit is haunted by the violence that made him public enemy number one.
Tom Hardy plays titular character in Capone.
Tom Hardy plays titular character in Capone.

Nick Christophers -- who has several books out, including Prison Rules with John Alite -- wrote the following, which stars Tom Hardy as the titular character. Ever since we saw him as Bob Saginowski in The Drop (2014), we knew Tom Hardy could play a realistic street guy. Now Hardy -- looking legitimately menacing -- is playing one of the wealthiest, most powerful mobsters of all time. Nick spoke with Kathrine Narducci (who plays sister Rosie Capone) and Al Sapienza (who plays Big Al's brother Ralphie Capone). Sapienza and Narducci are both veterans of The Sopranos... Narducci, who also can be seen in The Irishman, was born and raised in Italian East Harlem.

By Nick Christophers

We have been fed the exploits of Alphonso Capone for many times from “Little Cesar” to “The Untouchables” yet many of the projects never offered us his final years. The reason was that directors / writers probably thought it was not interesting or violent enough to bother with. Yet here we are in 2020 and director Josh Trank has brought us “Capone” a look at his final years at his Florida mansion. The project chronicles his last years after being released from prison for tax evasion.

The film highlights his battle with dementia that sparks his hallucinations and violent dreams of someone trying to kill him. There is also the ingredient of men searching for his supposed hidden treasure. This is a well put together cast featuring seasoned actors like Kathrine Narducci (Godfather of Harlem / Sopranos), Al Sapienza (House of Cards, Sopranos) and fresher actors like Gino Cafarelli (Mob Town).

Capone was released in 1939 to a mental hospital in Baltimore for 3 years before he moved to Florida with his wife, Mae. He was once believed to be earning over $30 million a year and in his final years was only treated to a measly $600 a week from members of the Chicago mob. He was living a less than lavish life and spent it playing with his grand-daughters. Al passed on January 25, 1947 of a cardiac arrest. The family fooled everyone by moving his body to Chicago before his son Sonny announced his passing. A “mock” funeral was arranged where stars even showed up like Desi Arnaz, to pay respects to an empty casket. The real funeral was held in Chicago and the mass was at Holy Name Cathedral. He was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery but his final resting place was at Mount Carmel cemetery where his mother was buried in 1952.

Tom Hardy as Capone with sister Rosie, played by Kathrine Narducci.
Tom Hardy as Capone with sister Rosie, played by Kathrine Narducci.

His wife Mae stayed at the Palm Island mansion for a few more years until she sold the property. Before she passed on, she burned every letter Capone wrote to her from prison so no one would know the other side of him. Cosa Nostra News caught up with actors Kathrine Narducci who plays Rosie Capone and Al Sapienza who plays Ralphie Capone to get their experience on the project.

Kathrine who is well known for her roles in “Bronx Tale” and “The Sopranos” is a seasoned actress who has earned her stripes. For her first role in “Bronx Tale” she was not a trained actress but an organic talent who brought her “A” game to the table just flowing into character. After her success with it, she took up acting classes to improve on what natural talent she already had. She is currently playing in the new project “Godfather of Harlem” as the infamous Vincent “the Chin” Gigantes wife Olympia.

Katherine Narducci plays Capone sister.
Kathrine Narducci

For “Capone” the project was filmed in New Orleans for six weeks at a house that was set up to resemble Capone’s Palm Island mansion. Kathrine commented on how amazingly similar it looked. Her role as Al’s sister, Rosie, may not have be a big part but she was more than happy to work with fellow actors, Tom Hardy, Gino Cafarelli and Al Sapienza. Besides “Capone” Kathrine has another project coming out on HBO called “Bad Education” starring Hugh Jackman (X-Men) which chronicles the shocking embezzlement of a rich school on Long Island, NY by the superintendent. Outside of acting Kathrine is also busy with her painting and working on a project called “In the Eye of the Storm” sort of a spin on the current state of affairs.

“I loved working with Josh Trank (Chronicle / Fantastic Four) on the film “Capone” he is a very talented director who had established a very chill type set with no stress on the cast. It was a pleasure working with Tom Hardy a very down-to-earth actor who made it fun to work on set.”
Mikey Palmice (Al Sapienza who plays Capone brother)
Mikey Palmice (Al Sapienza) aligned with the wrong Soprano.

The other seasoned actor who played, Ralphie Capone, was Al Sapienza. Al has been in the acting game since the late 70’s where he was part in the Broadway show called “Beatlemania” at the Winter Garden (1977-80) then it toured till 1982. He later took off to LA and studied under Milton Katselas who he credits to his current success. Al studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse that also saw George Clooney, Kristy Alley and other notables graduate from. One of his most notable characters is Mikey Palmice from “The Sopranos” which only helped his career even more.

Al had already played in an earlier Capone movie in 2002 called “Capones Boys” which was filmed in Liverpool, England. There he plays the character Georgio which was sort of Frank Nitti type character. In the new “Capone” he takes on the role of Al’s brother, Ralphie. We asked him what he thought of the project.

“Working with Tom Hardy was exciting he is a brilliant actor who brings with him a different atmosphere and aura to the set. He is artistic and intense and along with my fellow actors Kathrine Narducci and Gino Cafarelli it only created a more vibrant production.”

Al is also working on a new project called “The Most Dangerous Game” with Liam Hemsworth and Academy award winner Chris Waltz which will be shown on . The “Capone” project is due out on May 12, 2020, by Vertical Entertainment via video on demand. It should be an interesting look at Capone’s final years.