John Alite And Gene Borrello Debut Johnny & Gene Podcast

This has to be a first.... The weekly John Alite & Gene Borrello podcast, which recently debuted, "offers unique commentary from two former high ranking Italian organized crime associates" on topics like current events, politics, pop culture, and gambling.

"Watch as John and Gene dismantle the formality of traditional podcasts and share their exclusive special guest interviews. Come with us as we do restaurant and product reviews and talk the latest in men’s fashion and health. So Don’t be a JERKOFF like and subscribe!"

Something we learned from this podcast: John Alite and Gene Borrello are both Republicans who support Trump's agenda....

The episode begins with some political talk, then focuses on former Colombo capo Michael Franzese.

Though it's based on perceived criticisms of Franzese, they preface their comments with some acknowledgments (his well-known ability to earn, etc.) -- and they even invite him on the podcast. Franzese-- or anyone interested -- can contact them via email at johnnyandgeneshow atgmail dotcom. (You never spell out complete email addresses online; if you do, you're sending the nod to shiploads of bots and spammers -- it's an open invitation.)

Give it a listen when you have a chance.

There's lots of mob podcasts out there, we're noticing.... Maybe we'll start covering them -- put together a scorecard of sorts, something to provide insight about which podcasts are worth listening to, which ones are forgettable, etc.

(Or maybe we won't.... have a lot on our plate right now, including the last story on the Joe Bonanno expulsion, a massive profile on John Sonny Franzese, the Ravenite Transcript series (each installment of which takes several friggin' hours of typing), and a couple of other series that we're sketching out now based on reader input.)