Cosa Nostra Wine Bar -- in Malta

From Facebook, the Cosa Nostra Winebar, in the country of Malta, has erected a page. We don't see the connection, but hey, we cover all things Cosa Nostra-related, so we're covering this. Only 43 people "like" it so far.

COSA NOSTRA WINEBAR  -- highlights:

Location        183, Main Street, Mosta, Malta
About Cosa Nostra Winebar - a place for cool music and chilled wines 
Description    Cosa Nostra Winebar is set in the heart of Mosta, only a 100 metres up main street from Mosta Dome. The area is also known as "Tal-Erbgha Hwienet."

Our wine bar has a variety of local and foreign wines.

Besides the wine we also serve platters of exquisite cheese and meat platters, also freshly made bigilla with water crackers.

Cosa Nostra Winebar also serves traditional Maltese foods such as rabbit, by order.

Our establishment is also set to accomodate private functions and also features art exhibitions. One can find seating with an attraction of candle light blended with cool music and chilled wines.

Seating capacity: 50

The building is part of an inner core old character house built over a 300 years ago, featuring stone arches and traditional sculputres.

Opening every day from 8.00 p.m. onwards. Sunday mornings from 10.30 a.m. onwards

For Reservations kindly call: 99463227 / 27424192

Public transport to Mosta stops just four metres away from the Wine Bar

General Manager  Louis Borg



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