Report: Gambinos Choose Sicilian Boss, End Gotti Era

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle confirms that the era of John Gotti is officially ended with the unveiling of Domenico "Italian Dom" as Gambino boss.

For the first time since Gotti seized power in 1985 with the slaying of Boss Paul Castellano and his underboss, Tommy Bilotti, the family has chosen a member of the Sicilian faction -- the Neapolitan Gotti supposedly cared little for the family's "zips," as he called them -- rather than a member of the Gotti family or a mobster with ties to the Gottis. It would seem, if this be the case, imprisoned Jackie "Nose" D'Amico, former boss and Gotti pal, will hold much less power than he previously has had.

Then there's this: “I think they picked a Sicilian because they’re tired of the old, fat, lazy American Italians who turn into rats,” a law enforcement source told the Daily News, as the Eagle reported.

Jerry Capeci wrote about Cefalu's rise in the latest PPV post on his website,; Capeci likely broke the story, as usual.

Italian Dom is 64, according to the Eagle article, and lives in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with his mother. His "formal" occupation is salesman for a baking supply company (mobsters don't want to go down via the FBI's "Al Capone" method, meaning nailing 'em for not paying taxes.)

Dom was made in 1991 -- ironically by John Gotti -- yes, Senior.

More info here: Brooklyn Daily Eagle


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