Colombos Consider Guilty Plea Following 'Global Plea' Incentive

You know the Feds have a strong case when, of 41 Colombo mobsters arrested in the big January bust, 25 percent, including two capos, have already pled guilty -- primarily to take advantage of a "global plea" deal. So reports the

The percentage of guilty pleas is expected to grow significantly in coming weeks, sources said in the article.

The incentive is offered by Brooklyn federal prosecutors and basically amounts to, "admit your guilt and get nearly a year knocked off your prison sentence," the Post writes.

"It has a mutual benefit," said Vincent Romano, a defense attorney who represents four Colombos in the case.

In return, the courts don't get bogged down with a massive and prohibitively expensive mob trial, Romano said. 

We at CNNews have heard of these group plea deals before -- and they typically carry an all-or-none clause. Everyone bites the bullet, or no one gets the break and the voire dire begins.


  1. If getting "nearly a year knocked off your prison sentence" is an incentive, how large could the original sentences have been? Does it make sense that someone would take a plea to knock a year off a thirty year sentence? What this illustrates is that the arrests were more sizzle than substance, with low sentences, probably under five years upon conviction. If someone is facing a three, four, or five year sentence it pays to avoid legal costs and a chance at getting more after losing a trial. Some guys are just tired and want it to end. Holder was all about bullshit with his dog and pony show.


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