Mafialife Chris: Mob Writers: Rats or Racketeers?

And now the latest from our goombata from Brooklyn, Mafialife Chris:

Is writing a mob book the new racket, or is it a form of ratting? It seems like a lot of the retired mobsters try to get another last minute payday by writing a book. You may be able to get this done without looking like a turncoat, like Tony Napoli did. He managed to write a book called ‘My Father My Don’ with much respect, and we know exactly how he did it. Is Uncle Frankie gonna be able to do it right when he writes his book? You will laugh when you hear what he says about it.
What are the international mobs doing these days to make noise? Nicky Vegas tells us, and we pretty much piss them off enough to assume we now have Yakuza after us.
And, did you know the priests are in the mob these days? We will tell you exactly how the mob is being helped by the clergy these days. You don’t want to miss this show.
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