Breakshot Blog Spills Family Secrets: Frank Calabrese Sr.

Visiting room surveillance. Calabrese on right.

From Kenny "Kenji" Gallo's excellent Breakshot Blog:

Frank Calabrese Sr was such a good manipulator that he was able to convince a Roman Catholic priest to help him continue his criminal activity. If you know Frank’s background then this will come as no surprise.

Frank spent his whole life manipulating others for his own gain. Frank brought his brother Nicholas into his juice loan business. Nicholas had served in the Navy for two years during the Vietnam conflict, and he worked as an Ironworker after he returned home. Nicholas had then worked as a court security officer for 11 years in Maywood, Illinois. Nicholas was not afraid to hold a real job and work hard. In the mid 1970s he also joined his brother Frank in his loan business and worked a double life. He had no idea it was a lifetime commitment. Frank was not above using money and threats to keep his brother in the business. Nicholas would end up taking part in over 14 murders for the Chicago Outfit during his time working with his brother.

Frank was not content to just use his brother in the family business. Frank would break an unwritten rule in the Chicago Outfit and bring his sons into the family business. Frank would control every aspect of his son Frank Jr’s life as he grew up. He would alternate between using physical threats and generosity to keep Frank Jr under his control. He would parcel out cash to Frank Jr so he could control what he did. He would push him so far that one day Frank Jr would have to turn on his father to stop the evil cycle.

Frank Sr would be found guilty in the Family Secrets trial in Chicago that took down the administration of the Outfit. He was given a life sentence for his part in 13 murders. Frank Sr would mouth “You are a fucking dead man” to AUSA T.Markus Funk after he was sentenced. This earned Frank Sr Special Administrative Measures or SAMs which meant he would have no contact with anyone but his lawyer and certain family members under strict supervision of Federal authorities. Each year Frank Sr was given a copy of the SAMs that would be implemented and he was informed of their continuation for the year. In March 2009 Frank was transported to the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri where he would serve his life sentence. Eugene Klein was a Roman Catholic Priest who had served the Bureau of Prisons for over 20 years. He would provide religious services to the worst that the Federal System had to offer and Frank Calabrese Sr was one of them. Before he started speaking to Frank Sr he was given the SAMs package on Frank Sr. He also read about his crimes in the Electronic Posted Picture System, a database that the Bureau of Prison uses. Klein was fully aware of the crimes that Frank Sr had committed. Klein started giving Frank Sr Communion and other religious instructions soon after he took in all the information. Frank Sr was locked in a cell with a small slot in which Klein was able to pass material to Frank Sr. While talking with Frank Sr Klein learned of a hidden violin that Frank Sr claimed was an 18th-century Stradivarius that was likely worth millions of dollars.

The real story of the violin was this...


  1. Truth be said here Frank Jr and klein were weak minded souls. As for Frank Sr someone or Frank Jr ended his life yrs before he died. U say how can a Son shoot his father well i did and let him live he got his mind right after that figuring he must of did something wrong to have that happen. I was a minor at the time . As for Frank Sr i just killed him he cared for no one but himself boss or no boss. Same happened to Nicky Scarfo Sr when he started killing anyone who was a threat. Philly

  2. I think Frank Jr was brainwashed while he was young learning from his old man. but i agree 100% on everything else you said frank Sr & Nickey should have been clipped years ago . Philly did you ever read Frank Jr's book? i was about 2 chapters in & I thought about clipping him. lol

  3. I agree with you. After reading Leonetti's book i can't figure out why he didn't kill Scarfo except for the fact that like most rats they are only sorry for what they have done after the Feds indict them or lock em up. Until then they are fine with everything that comes with the money,power and respect.


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