Big Ang of 'Mob Wives' May Get Own Reality Television Show: Reports is reporting that Angela “Big Ang” Raoila   will soon be the star of her own reality television show.

Wetpaint Entertainment, owner of, reports: "[We] can exclusively confirm that the larger-than-life reality moll is getting her own spin-off series..."

However, further down in the story, we learn that this breaking news is based on a "deal" that is "in the works," and that nothing "has been signed" -- never good signs.

The mob moll broke onto the national stage via a supporting "role" in "Mob Wives" season two. A big-breasted lively gal with Cosa Nostra in her soul, she has the street credibility usually found in Mafiosi.

Big Ang is a convicted felon caught repeatedly selling cocaine during the course of an undercover DEA probe targeting a mob-tied drug ring operating in New York City, The Smoking Gun reported.
Big Ang was one of 15 defendants indicted -- and later convicted--for her role in the narcotics operation, which distributed crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, and marijuana in Brooklyn and Manhattan, according to court records.
She also has a proud attraction for mob guys, saying on one "Mob Wives" episode: "I like the wiseguys 'cause they know how to treat women. They bought me nice houses, gorgeous furs, diamonds, cars. They're very generous... and they're very good lookin'..."

This Brooklyn-born and -bred gal also is the niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family; and is also a single mother of two. Big Ang two sisters and four brothers.

Her "Mob Wives" turn has been met with a wellspring of applause and wide-scale media attention (one magazine did a shtick in which she dressed and posed as Marilyn Monroe). The media and fans are gobbling her up like catnip. At Cosa Nostra News, we find her immense popularity inexplicable.

Maybe Wetpaint has figured it out. "She’s become a welcome source of comic relief on the normally tension-charged series and an instant fan favorite," Wetpaint reports.

As for her own show, source close to Big Ang confirmed for that a deal is in the works, though "nothing has been signed..."

Those qualifications -- a deal is "in the works" and "nothing is signed" -- are used by many entertainment industry. Whether a book or a film, I know quite a few individuals who are "supposedly" working on book or films deals; quite a few of these "deals" have yet to materialize. So whether a Big Ang show will actually make it through the arduous process required to landing on the TV screen is still not definite.

Until some agreement is signed with a producer or distributor, it's hard to take these "scoops" as little more than desperate public relations ploys: the strategy some reality celebrities use to try to leverage their so-called 15 minutes is to announce something is "in the works" in the hopes of generating some interest among other companies, who may start pondering on whether they should stick their beak in, maybe make a bid, as the star is popular enough to have a "deal in the works."

VH1, which airs "Mob Wives," and will debut in June the Chicago spinoff, had no comment for, which reports, "What remains to be seen? What Ang’s show will focus on and which cast members from Mob Wives will cross over to make guest appearances. Personally, we think the more Mob Wives stars on TV, the merrier!"

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