Website: Ramona Rizzo Family Tree

From the website there is a posted piece titled Ramona Rizzo Family Tree Biography where is written:

"The new addition to the VHI Mob Wives cast sheds a spotlight on the Ramona Rizzo family. Born into a connected Italian mafia family, Ramona Rizzo led a colorful life from childhood to her dramatic marriage to a man of Arabian descent. In the late 1990s, Al Pacino portrayed her grandfather Benjamin Lefty Ruggiero in the film, Donnie Broscoe, that dramatizes her family problems telling the story of how an undercover FBI agent infultrated the mafia through his connection with her family. While the men in the family walked the mafia walk, the women pursued businesses in fashion, confections, and more.
Now, Ramona Danielle Rizzo enters the business of reality television acting as wing woman for original Mob Wife cast member, Karen Gravano while she battles her nemisis, Drita DaVanzo."

Click the link if you're interested in Ramona's family background, at least according to that website (the atrocious spelling, however, shows us we aren't dealing with major professionals here, please keep in mind): Ramona Rizzo Family Tree 


  1. Why bother to copy it, if you do not like how it is written? At least write your own material if you could do better!!!

  2. I said it had atrocious spelling, not that I didn't like how it was written...

  3. Anon, what really bothers u about this post? The link is about Lefty two-guns only, whom Ramona discusses all the time. No mention of more immediate mob connections, whom I won't name...

    1. Her father is John Rizzo a Gambino big secret. Shes marrying another Gambino in Joey Sclafani...


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