‘Mob Wives: Chicago’ to Premiere in June; the Protests Begin

'Mob Wives: Chicago' began shooting
months ago and is set to premiere
early this summer.
From Forest Leaves, a Chicago Sun-Times publication, we learn that "Mob Wives: Chicago," which revolves around five women who were either married to or are relatives of members of “The Outfit,” has been shooting since December. Read on, ‘Mob Wives’ in Elmwood Park stirs debate:

When the VH-1 reality television show “Mob Wives” premieres this June, it will include a stop in Elmwood Park.

But some Italian-Americans will not be greeting it with open arms.

“Mob Wives: Chicago” has been shooting since December in the Chicago area. One scene takes place inside Baciami! Restaurant and Bar, 18 W. Conti Parkway, in Elmwood Park.

Previously filmed in New York and New Jersey, the new season of “Mob Wives” revolves around five women who were either married to or are relatives of members of the legendary Chicago mob group “The Outfit.”

But some Italian-Americans are not happy about the new show, saying it reinforces negative stereotypes.

“I’ve been fighting this production of ‘Mob Wives ‘in New York, New Jersey and now Chicago,” said Louis Rago, president of Italian-American Human Relations Foundation of Chicago, “Our organization fights stereotypes through the performing arts.”

He said films and TV using broken English like “dem (them) and “dos” (those) and should be the exception, not the norm.

“It hurts even more when an Italian-American buys into this,” Rago said.”People understand all races have contributed positively to this country, and we (Italians) are a part of that great mosaic.”

Rago’s group is organizing a formal protest.

“Baciami! owner’s name is going to be placed on a list, and members will begin phoning the restaurant to tell him how unhappy we are about what he’s done,” he said.

Rago said other locations are being targeted as well....

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