Little Linda Scarpa Speaks on Blog Talk Show

The below audio clip is taken from Blog Talk Radio.

Linda Scarpa is the daughter of deceased Colombo crime family capo Greg Scarpa, aka "The Grim Reaper." She has appeared in a season-one episode of the series "I Married a Mobster" and has suffered more than any person should ever have to suffer in a lifetime.

In the space of 10 months, her father died of complications caused by AIDs, which he got through a blood transfusion. Her brother was shot twice in the head.

Ms. Scarpa is also currently working on a book -- her life story, the foundation of which was growing up as the daughter of a high-profile gangster and an extremely complicated man of seemingly great contradictions, who lived in a subculture of our society that has more in common with much earlier centuries.

Read this article for a glimpse of the rarely seen side of the man, who was not a typical Mafioso by any means.

Greg Scarpa, master manipulator, mafioso
and civil rights... hero.
'Little Linda' Scarpa has
emerged from her father's
Listen below to Linda speaking on the Boyd & Lucinda show, "The Streets Don't Love You Back."

Listen to internet radio with Boyd and Lucinda on Blog Talk Radio:


  1. Excellent interview... Thank you for posting!!

  2. I thought it was a good interview. I'm surprised Linda is not more comfortable doing media..she's pretty and well spoken..A word of advice on her book..make it gritty and painfully honest..there were a few other books on this subject already so her book needs to stand out.. Karen Gravano's book was boring and whack (at best).. ...

  3. What is all this fabricated nonsense and demonizing of my last name? This women is not who she says she is and its a disgrace!!

    1. I just read Linda Maria Scarpa's story on another blog... Were you Joey's wife? I assume you are related to Greg Scarpa that way. I think I understand now. If you'd like to reach me privately, my email is I was really moved by Linda Maria's words...

  4. She is who she claims she is. I know her.


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