Love Majewski Joining Cast of 'Mob Wives'

Love Majewski

Love Majewski is one of the two new cast members of "Mob Wives."

This was confirmed by VH1 today; no word yet on the identity of the second wife.

We originally identified Love as the new mob wife in an Oct. 9 blog post, which we yanked down in the face of sharp denials from two members of "Mob Wives."

Love was featured in "I Married a Mobster," and is known for once dating club king/Bonanno associate Chris Paciello a couple of decades back, which was part of the focus of Love's episode, called "Love Hurts."

As Investigation Discovery notes: "Through Staten Island mob daughters like herself, Love Majewski meets Chris Paciello, a member of the Bonanno crime family, as well as Ray Merolle's "The Untouchables," the car-theft operation that inspired [the film] "Gone in 60 Seconds." When Chris grows abusive, Love asks for Ray's protection, becoming at once his personal property and accomplice to theft. Chris moves to Miami, but is eventually arrested for murdering a porn king's wife, while Ray is convicted of more than 100 counts back in Staten Island. This leaves Love to live her life in limbo, trying to date normal guys but never fully escaping the FBI's radar."

Part of Love and Paciello's story was also laid bare in the true crime book A Mob Story by Michele R. McPhee, which focuses on Paciello's life story -- but still has a lot of Love in it.


  1. Yes it's her sister, Johnny Rizzo is her father and Wally Al Khatib is her ex husband, and these girls have no OMERTA.

  2. Seems like in order to be on this show MobWives you Dont have to be A Mobwife, Mob daughter or affiliated to the mob! You Just have to be affiliated with Jenn Graziano..If You Grew up with Jenn your IN. .Your a made MobWife..Wonder if she does the pinky prick before you get on the show.. I think its Pathetic..the whole Gang Banging Crew.. They all screw eachother or echothers ex boyfriends or husbands... The fact that these two girls ESPECIALLY Love are on the Show discredits the whole credibility of the word Mob on this show.. What Goes up must come Down..Sorry ladies I believe Your on the Way DOWN!!!

  3. What Omerta? The mobsters these ladies are related to or affiliated with are either dead, in the Witness Protection Program or incarcerated. Mobsters back in the day didn't have internet, cell phones, etc, so Omerta was very easy to maintain. With the increase in technology and also law enforcement keeping up with the times, it's a lot easier to "rat" and expose mobsters and those affiliated with the mobsters of the past.

    The whole show is not literally "mob wives" but those somehow associated with the lifestyle. It's the womens' stories. Hell, their men are either dead or gone so what else do they have left to lose? Anything you want to know about their men you can easily find thanks to Google and books. What these women have to say is really no secret so I don't know how "Omerta" is really broken. My two cents.

  4. I agree -- there is no mob in "Mob Wives" -- and not many wives, either! Some ppl hate when I mention that...

  5. OW! my eyes, my eyes! faccia brutta

  6. Ramona and Love gotta hate each other -- Love and Ramona's sis used to love Chris paciello at same time.. he dumped Love for Rizzo, gotta be bad blood there though they're both close with Karen. Cant imagine who the other new star is...

  7. More and more the public will find out they are starting to put wantabees... on the Mob Wifes like LOVE because they are friends with Jenn G. the producer. Its a shame because she could have woman that are really married to men that were/are REALLY AFFILIATED with the MOB and what these woman and their children really go throw not this made up fighting shit all the time. Renee, Big Ang are the only girls that were with MOB GUYS. Renee Ramona and Karen are daughters of Mob Bosses they were not with Mob guys except for Renee. Drita and Carla are stand up girls but they were not with Mob guys they were with common thieves that got locked up they are not Mob guys. You can never make up a TRUE STORY thats why they are the best storys to tell cause its the TRUTH! Wake up Jenn! you need a new plan!


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