Another Rat in 'Mob Wives' Midst

Turns out the DEA has flipped another Staten Island drug dealing mobster with connections to “Mob Wives,” albeit much less strong than in the case of Hector Pagan, Renee Graziano’s ex-husband who flipped while he was a regular character on the show. So reports Jerry Capeci’s column today.

Following in the footsteps of Pagan – who wore a wire on Renee’s father and several Bonanno mobsters, including boss Vincent “Vinny TV” Badalamenti – is Frank “Frankie Steel” Pontillo.

As Pagan was an unsavory witness due to his role as triggerman in a robbery/slaying in 2010, the mobsters he flipped on got off with “relatively sweet plea deals,” as Capeci writes.

The 350-pound 42-year-old Pontillo was nailed selling 5 kilos, and has so far helped the DEA in two cases.

As for Pontillo’s connections to “Mob Wives,” in one case, he bought drugs off of Anthony Cracchiolo, who appeared on Big Ang, getting him busted, as we reported here.

In a second link to the show, Pontillo bought a pound of grass from Gambino associate Lee Fama, who says on the recording Pontillo was making at the time that he had had dealings with the “mystery boyfriend” of “Mob Wives” lead Carla Facciolo.

As Capeci writes: “That’s Carla’s boyfriend? From Mob Wives?” Pontillo is heard exclaiming on the tape.

“Yeah… That’s him. You know the mystery boyfriend that Renee is always talking about,” said Fama, who then imitates Renee: “Your boyfriend is a piece of shit. He puts his hand on my ass.”

The identity of the boyfriend is still a mystery -- as he has not been named in any court papers.

Carla’s spokesperson denies this, saying Carla doesn’t have a boyfriend, then qualifying her statement by adding that he could be someone she dated in her past.