Philly Mob Hit Called 'Dumbest' Ever Seen

George Anastasia posted a great article today about the Philly mob hit in which the soldier who did the killing all but waved a banner over his head declaring his guilt. But there are deeper implications here: the hit took place right in the middle of a major trial focused on the Philly mob bosses. Talk about irony: The defense has been hammering at the point that there is no violence in any of the charges against "Uncle Joe" Ligambi and his cohorts, as well as the fact that the don himself runs a kinder, gentler mob -- at least compared to preceding bosses Joe Merlino and Nicodemo Scarfo.

I bet there is a certain soldier being charged with first-degree murder with whom Uncle Joe would like to personally have a "sit down."

From the Big Trial: "Mob soldier Anthony Nicodemo has been charged with first-degree murder in a gangland shooting that one police investigator called the "dumbest" mob hit he has ever seen.

A former federal prosecutor agreed, calling the broad daylight slaying of Gino DiPietro Wednesday afternoon "amateurish" but indicative of what the Philadelphia crime family has become.

Nicodemo, 41, was taken in to custody less than 30 minutes after the shooting. Witnesses had spotted him fleeing the scene in an SUV and gave authorities the license tag number. The vehicle was registered in Nicodemo's name and listed at his address, a few blocks from where DiPietro was gunned down.

The married father of two young children was arrested at that home without incident. He was charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons charges Thursday afternoon after a ballistic test linked a gun found in his car with a bullet fragment from the murder scene. Police also found gloves and a ski mask in the vehicle, a black Honda Pilot, according to an investigative source."

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