Body Count Continues to Rise in Montreal

Two were shot in a Montreal cafe this
past Friday.
Bodies are falling left and right in Montreal; here are the latest hits in Canada...

From the Montreal Gazette:

A masked gunman killed one man and seriously wounded another in a small café in St-Léonard Friday afternoon in what is believed to be a Mafia shooting.

Authorities responded to 911 calls of shots being fired at 2:20 p.m. at the Café Domenica-In, located at 7830 Provencher St. next to the Metropolitan Highway.

Police found one man inside the café suffering from cardiac arrest who had been shot in the head. The 37-year-old died two hours later in hospital. The other victim was found hiding at the nearby Montreal Choppers motorcycle store, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. He is listed in stable condition.

La Presse reported Friday night the shooting victim was Domenico Facchina, who had a criminal record for two minor charges linked to marijuana and receiving stolen goods. Police could not confirm the information.

Café Domenica-In is not known to police, but the neighbouring Montreal Choppers belongs to Giuseppe De Vito, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison last June for his connection to a mafia-led attempt to smuggle 218 kilograms of cocaine into Montreal.

De Vito’s ex-wife, Adele Sorella, is awaiting trial on charges of killing their two daughters, age 8 and 9, in their family home in Laval in 2009 while De Vito was in hiding from the police.

On Monday, a man with known ties to the Mafia was shot in Montreal’s north end on St. Laurent Blvd. Giuseppe Fetta, 33, was taken to the hospital after having been shot at around 10 a.m. on St. Laurent between Sauriol and Fleury Sts.

He was standing beside a car when a man approached on foot and shot him at least once, and then ran off, police say. .. read rest